fair and our organic certifications Commitment

In a constant concern for environmental and reclamation of organic farming, we are committed to providing you the most comprehensive possible range of organic certified products.

Pioneers BIO, we now have a wide range of organic food supplements and organic cosmetics.

We are committed to organic farming
We pay particular attention to the origin and growth conditions of the ingredients we use.
We are constantly seeking to simplify our packaging and greening:
- Our cases and communication materials are printed with vegetable inks on paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests certified FSC, contributing to sustainable forest management.
- We strive to design environmentally packaging and overpacks limit as soon as possible (we delete the cases when they are not needed). We use vials and pill bottles in PET, environmentally.
- We are also working on the recyclability of materials used up our supply chain (from our flow pack packaging used).

Biologiquement est certifié biologique par Ecocert

Biologiquement.com offers many dietary supplements and a range of fruit antioxidants certified ECOCERT. This label guarantees that the plants have been grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers, chemical synthetic pesticides or GMOs and untreated for conservation, no irradiated, according to the organic production.

The European organic label guarantees, like the national AB logo above, the final product is composed of at least 95% organic ingredients and banned the use of GMOs. It was designed to harmonize the different organic labels of the 28 countries of the European Union.

Biologiquement est certifié biologique par Ecocert
Biologiquement est certifié cosmétique bio

The product line Bio Care Cosmetics and Ecological of Biologiquement.com are certified to the Cosmebio charter (Organic cosmetics). This logo is a guarantee that at least 95% of ingredients are of natural origin and that at least 95% of plant ingredients are from organic farming. They are also GMO free, paraben free, not tested on animals, no dyes or synthetic fragrances, with methods of processing and manufacturing less polluting.

The label certifies Greenfood guaranteed products without pesticides, non-irradiated, which come from organic fields. The Greenfood Label is a label BIO very serious and controlled in Asia. Certification is given after analysis by accredited phytosanitary laboratories, ISO / IEC 17025 and COFRAC, in addition to our personal checks.

Biologiquement est certifié bio Greenfood
Biologiquement fait du commerce équitable

The Equitable Solidarity issued by Ecocert label guarantees that the majority of fair trade ingredients from developing countries. A commitment between the company and producers: on volumes, prices and duration of orders. The initiators of the industry also undertake to provide training and equipment to producers who, in exchange, transmit their knowledge. The Solidarity issued by Ecocert label guarantees that the majority of fair trade ingredients from developed countries. This trade "North-North" aims to preserve the rural fabric of proximity in developed countries through a sustainable development strategy by sector.

It provides guarantees to producers and enterprises: a reciprocal commitment on minimum prices, volumes and sustainability of the partnership.