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Baoil is virgin oil BAOBAB Wild, cold pressed (Adansonia digitata L.)
A massage oil for the body and face.

Baobab oil is extracted organic seeds contained in the fruit of the Baobab. Very moisturizing, it nourishes dry skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Its emollient and soothing properties make it an effective treatment for treating skin irritation.

This virgin oil does not clog pores. And fluid with excellent penetration, it is rapidly absorbed by the latter.
This product is highly valued for its medicinal properties and natural cosmetics.
It can also be used as seasoning to provide a general welfare.

Appearance: very fluid, oily liquid
Color: dark yellow to yellow
Odor: nuts
Storage conditions : Store preferably in a cool, below 20 ° C, away from air and light.
properties: regenerating, soothing, nourishing, soothing, healing, beautifying, antioxidant.

Care inner wellbeing : Baobab oil has a strong antioxidant because it contains many tocopherols.

Care External welfare : Baobab oil repairs and heals burns, chapped and brittle nails. It is used in nourishing balm for the body but also as preventive care against stretch marks. Some Baobab oil drops in the bath sufficient to soften the skin.
For hair care, Baobab oil is used in the form of oils and nourishing balms and beautifying. Baobab oil provides benefits to its dry ends and damaged when applied in the form of sera.

Tip: Baobab oil freezes below 15 degrees, keep the bottle in a heated room in winter to use.

50ml bottle

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