Gélules de Spiruline

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Spirulina powder in vegetable capsules

Spirulina, of its scientific name: spirulina Arthrospira Platensis, is a filamentous cyanobacterium of blue green color in the shape of a spiral and often mistakenly considered as an algae. Classified in the family of “super foods”, spirulina is considered by the World Health Organization as the best food for humanity in the 21st century and also the most complete because of its rather exceptional composition.
Spirulina is one of the most effective food supplements whose positive effects on health are very palpable. The nutritional virtues of spirulina are so great that it is used to combat malnutrition in various African countries. Natural spirulina helps boost the immune system through its different components. It is also very useful for balancing the diet in the context of weight loss. It can be used for both weight gain and loss.
Spirulina comes from organic farming, 100% natural.
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Phycocyanin is the most exceptional pigment in the composition of spirulina. It is a powerful antioxidant with perfect bioavailability, present at 16% in our capsules.

Composition : 100% Spirulina
Drying Spirulina : The spirulina is distributed on shelves which are placed in an oven. Ventilation drying can last 8 hours at an ideal temperature between 35 and 40 C ° so as not to lose its nutritional values.
Conditioning : 60 vegetable capsules each dosed at 300mg
Use : 2 to 5 capsules per day before the meal, on an empty stomach.
Origin : La France

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