Biologically rare plants, rich in active principles.

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– You can retrieve your tracking number on your account, and copy and paste it here:COLISSIMO TRACKING
– We do not answer health questions by email, you must contact a naturopath in your area, introduce him to Biologically, and he will guide you.

– Our capsules are vegetable based on pullulan and obtained by fermentation of tapioca. They can be opened, 3 capsules correspond to a small teaspoon.
– Our products are 100% natural, without chemical or heat treatment. After 10 years of organic certification, we stopped working with certifiers. Now chemicals are authorized even in “Bio”, this no longer represents for us a guarantee of quality.
– The prices are exclusive of tax, on delivery you may have to pay this VAT. Also since Brexit it is possible that you have customs fees but it is quite rare.

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    The laboratory specializes in the promotion and distribution of natural health products. A range of products rich in powerful natural anti-cancer antioxidants to regain or maintain vitality, recommended for children in the growth phase, students, athletes and seniors. All these products are fair trade.


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