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Dear clients,

It is with great sadness that I announce to youthe threat of imminent closure of the Biologically laboratory, which has been offering you quality natural products for your health and well-being for years.

Indeed, faced with thepressure and censorship from the French government, which wants to keep the French away from natural products and favor the interests of large pharmaceutical groups, I no longer have the means to continue to carry out my activity legally and in complete safety.

It has become very difficult for us to find new customers because we are blacklisted on all social networks and by Google.

Over the years I have already had tomove the laboratory from France to Spain then Englandto be able to continue to distribute these natural products to you, but now the government is attacking our websites andif I no longer have access to my customers I will no longer have the means to paymy employees and maintain the laboratory.

The French government has given usalready closed then Biologically.frWe don't know how long the will last.

Whatever happens as long as the store is online and I can pay the salaries of the laboratory employees we will remain open.You can therefore support us by placing an order on the store.

I would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust throughout these years. Many of you have expressed your satisfaction and gratitude for the products that I have offered you, and which have contributed to improving your quality of life.

Before permanently closing the laboratory, I am offering you one last opportunity to benefit from our products at exceptional prices. Until the end of the month, you benefit from a15% reduction on all items in the online It's time to stock up on natural products to boost your immunity, prevent illness, and feel better in your body and mind.

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I wish you good health and courage to face the current difficulties.I hope you will continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones with natural and environmentally friendly products..

Best regards,

David Hervy, head of the Biologically laboratory.