Custard apple fruit, the corossoI graviola can measure up to 30 cm long and weighing up to 4-5 kg. Soursop has energy virtues of its high carbohydrate content. you discover the many benefits afforded by the consumption of soursop, especially on the health plan. A powerful anti-cancer soon [...]

Himalayan Goji Bay

Baies de Goji coeur d’Himalaya de la boutique bio en ligne Le Lycium Barbarum, communément appelé « Goji », est une baie endémique à l’Himalaya 100% naturelle et certifiée biologique en France. Véritable concentré d’énergie, le Goji, fruit de longévité utilisé depuis des millénaires par la médecine traditionnelle tibétaine, est riche en minéraux et oligo-éléments. Il […]

The sheet Graviola Soursop

The custard apple, the tree that produces the Graviola or Soursop comes from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Laboratory research has shown that the leaf of this plant is miraculous for health. This treatment is completely natural, it does not cause nausea or weight loss or hair, it also protect the system [...]

The Ginkgo Biloba benefits of organic

Le Ginkgo Biloba bio favorise le renforcement du système immunitaire en profondeur et protège les cellules grâce à une action anti-oxydante profonde. Le Ginkgo Biloba bio redonne la vie à vos cellules. Comme il a su le faire en son sein au rayonnement d’Hiroshima et aux glaciations qui ont décimé les dinosaures il y a […]

Differences between the bitter almond apricot and almond

How to differentiate between the two bitter almond varieties rich in vitamin B17 anti cancer and almond. The almond is the fruit of the almond tree, tree of the Rosaceae family, such as apple, pear or peach. There are sweet almond, Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis and the bitter almond, Prunus amygdalus var. Amara [...]

A Goldman Sachs report warns pharmaceutical companies than cure the disease is bad for business

It has always been suspected that pharmaceutical companies would prefer to keep people sick and on medication rather than curing them at once and lose the ability to retain customers. Although huge reason here is easy to understand, with the industry that pays more than 453 billion dollars in the [...]

The leaves of graviola organic soursop can destroy many cancer cells

Soursop fruit, soursop bio is known especially for its unique flavor and very important nutritional intake. Also called Guanabana or Graviola, soursop grows in tropical regions of Africa, America (Amazonia) and Asia. It must be said that nature has not finished surprising us with all the benefits it brings us. [...]

Fruit and leaves of soursop graviola for curing cancer and other diseases

COROSSOL - GRAVIOLA: CLASSIFICATION Graviola Soursop (Annona Muricata L.) is a species of the family Annonaceae, composed of several species of guanabani group, and ebanona branch. Scientific classification: Kingdom: | Plantae | Phylum: | Magnoliophyta | Class: | Magnoliopsida | Order: | Magnoliales | Family: | Annonaceae | Genre: | Annona [...]

Prevent and treat cancer and other diseases with soursop graviola

This fruit is not only delicious eaten directly or drinking juice, but the leaves also are very useful to overcome and prevent cancers and many other diseases, such as liver disease, rheumatism, ulcers, hemorrhoids , and some others. Besides the water content, the Graviola Soursop also contains [...]

Organic Goji Greenfood: food called "longevity fruit" in China

The goji berry certified organic Greenfood. This food called "longevity fruit" in China, would somehow be the miracle food. Is this reputation deserved? Lycium barbarum: the scientific name of the goji According to a comprehensive work published in 2010 in the journal Planta Medica, goji berries organic Greenfood [...]

تعتبر أوراق الجرافيولا كوروسول العلاج الطبيعي المضاد للسرطان الأقوى في العالم.

تعتبر أوراق الجرافيولا كوروسول العلاج الطبيعي المضاد للسرطان الأقوى في العالم. وبالعامل الأكسدة بمضادات غنية القشطة شجرة مصدرها كوروسول الجرافيولاأوراق النشط الفعال والمفيد للصحة أكثر من الفاكهة. دون الأنسجة لخلايا الطبيعي غير الانتشار من الحد كوروسول الجرافيولا أوراقبإمكان قوي للسرطان مضاد بذلك إنها الكيميائي)، العلاج عكس ( السليمة بالخلاياالإضرار وطبيعي. بنوم التمتع تتيح النوم. اضطرابات […]