Himalayan Goji Bay Biologiquement.com

Goji berries heart of the Himalayas online organic shop Biologiquement.com The Lycium Barbarum, commonly called "Goji" is endemic to the Himalayas Bay 100% natural and certified organic in France. A real concentration of energy, Goji, longevity fruit used for centuries by traditional Tibetan medicine is rich in minerals and trace elements. He […]

The sheet Graviola Soursop

The custard apple, the tree that produces the Graviola or Soursop comes from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Laboratory research has shown that the leaf of this plant is miraculous for health. This treatment is completely natural, it does not cause nausea or weight loss or hair, it also protect the system [...]

Fruit and leaves of soursop graviola for curing cancer and other diseases

COROSSOL - GRAVIOLA: CLASSIFICATION Graviola Soursop (Annona Muricata L.) is a species of the family Annonaceae, composed of several species of guanabani group, and ebanona branch. Scientific classification: Kingdom: | Plantae | Phylum: | Magnoliophyta | Class: | Magnoliopsida | Order: | Magnoliales | Family: | Annonaceae | Genre: | Annona [...]

the benefits of Moringa bio sheet powder on the type 2 diabetes

Organic Moringa plant is beneficial to health of diabetics; its organic leaves contain over 90 nutrients and antioxidants. Different scientific studies show that vitamin D is essential to help the pancreas to secrete insulin properly. According to these studies, people with vitamin D levels lower [...]

Prevent and treat cancer and other diseases with soursop graviola

This fruit is not only delicious eaten directly or drinking juice, but the leaves also are very useful to overcome and prevent cancers and many other diseases, such as liver disease, rheumatism, ulcers, hemorrhoids , and some others. Besides the water content, the Graviola Soursop also contains [...]

Organic Goji Greenfood: food called "longevity fruit" in China

The goji berry certified organic Greenfood. This food called "longevity fruit" in China, would somehow be the miracle food. Is this reputation deserved? Lycium barbarum: the scientific name of the goji According to a comprehensive work published in 2010 in the journal Planta Medica, goji berries organic Greenfood [...]