Graines de Papaye

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Dried papaya fruit seeds

Rare are those of us who consume papaya. Even rarer are those who know that it is good to eat the seeds!
This is a shame, because papaya seeds are beneficial to your health and can prevent and cure a plethora of ailments related to the liver, gut, kidneys, intestinal worms and even diseases like dengue.

Composition : 100% papaya seeds
Conditioning : 25g sachet, (more than 650 seeds per sachet) of naturally dried papaya seeds
Use : eat 3 to 12 seeds per day, crushed in salad dressings, in milk or mixed with honey. You can also eat them plain and bite into them, they are not very hard and little pepper.
Origin Peru

To learn more about the benefits of papaya seed, give your opinion, leave a comment or a testimonial, visit the blog : Papaya Organic Seeds

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