Mûres blanches

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Organic dried white mulberries or organic mulberries

Since antiquity, the white mulberry was cultivated in China as far as the Middle East for its leaves which were used exclusively as food for silkworms. Sun-dried, mulberries are tender and have a sweet taste reminiscent of dried figs.
A true source of energy, they are traditionally used to fight fatigue due to its high content of calcium, vitamin B, C, protein and iron.
White mulberries are harvested in accordance with organic certification standards.

Composition: 100% Organic white mulberry
Packaging: Resealable bag of 400g
Use : They can be eaten at will, alone or combined with other dried fruits. It is also possible to incorporate them into preparations such as muesli, or to snack on their own. In the end, you just have to trust your tastes!
Origin : Turkey
Nutritional value : for 30g (as a% of the RDI): protein 18%, carbohydrates 7%, fiber 12%, calcium 7%, iron 20%, sodium 1%, vitamin C 135%.

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