Graines de Nigelle

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Nigella seeds certified organic Nigella Sativa, black cumin

Traditionally, nigella seeds are used in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The many benefits of nigella have been known for over 2500 years. Her name is mentioned in the Bible and Mohammed, prophet of Islam, said of her: “Treat yourself with the seed of nigella, it is a remedy against all evils except death. ". Hadith narrated by Abu Salamah and Hureyrah.

Composition: 100% organic Nigella seeds
Conditioning: 200g bag
Use: to incorporate into food (yogurt, rice, etc.) or to put in tea or coffee, take at least one teaspoon per day.
Origin: Ethiopia

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La graines de Nigelle bio plante pour le traitement anti cancer naturel puissant
Nigella seeds
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