Gélules de Café vert

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Organic unroasted Arabica green coffee bean powder in capsules

Extract of green coffee seeds of the Arabica variety (Coffea Arabica L.). It is not roasted because roasting constitutes cooking which more than halves the concentration of chlorogenic acid. On the other hand, these seeds have been decaffeinated in order to guarantee a low caffeine content (less than 0.20mg per capsule).
Calorie burner par excellence, green coffee promotes weight loss and helps reduce abdominal volume.

Composition: 100% green coffee powder
Conditioning: 60 vegetable capsules each dosed at 300mg
Use: Take 2 to 4 capsules daily with a large glass of water before a meal.
Origin Brazil

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Gélules végétales de café vert bio
Green coffee capsules
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