Baies de Goji

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Lycium Barbarum “Heart of the Himalayas” dried Goji berries grown without pesticides and non-irradiated, GREENFOOD certified organic.

A true concentrate of energy, Goji, a longevity fruit used for millennia by traditional Tibetan medicine, is rich in minerals and trace elements. It promotes digestion, as well as the processing of toxins and nutrients. It increases vitality and helps to fight against physical and psychological impairments. Rich in antioxidants, Goji fights against the premature aging of our cells.
Excellent dietary supplement for athletes, Goji is recommended for physical exertion
long-lasting, it helps with weight loss and stimulates the libido.
Consume 20-30 g per day (in the palm of your hand), plain, mixed with yoghurt, muesli, added to various hot dishes, steeped in tea or fruit juices.

Composition: 100% Goji berries
Conditioning: Bag of 500g
Use: One to two tablespoons per day, plain with a glass of water, tea or yogurt, 20 min before meals, on an empty stomach (like all fruits)
Origin: Ningxia Himalayas

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Goji berries
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