fruit powder Graviola Soursop


fruit pulp powder Annona muricata soursop graviola, 100% fruit, 100g bag
The fruit powder is ideal for preparing a fruit juice 100% natural graviola
• Anti Cancer Properties acetogenin
• Anti-mutagenic (protects healthy cells)
• Strengthens the immune system
• Cell Aging Prevention
• Anti Cancer Properties acetogenin
• Natural Antibacterial
• Reduces stress
• Cleans the body

The fruit of graviola is also a very effective remedy for coughs, flu and asthma. For those who have digestive problems, consumption of this pulp is recommended.
It has always been recognized for its properties against colic, kidney pain, stress and internal ulcers. Antibacterial, soursop graviola is a highly effective wormer.

the fruit of corossol has a very high fiber content. It regulates and facilitates digestion. It is also the natural food reference for those who are dieting.

the graviola helps a cancer patient to fight effectively against cancer and help can help him endure chemo therapy. It can also demonstrate a high effectiveness in the treatment against insomnia and treatment of diarrhea and treat dysentery.

The graviola or soursop is a natural product the most powerful in the world, used as a nutrient to help maintain our health and wellbeing. The graviola is rich in ascorbic acid, lactic and citric acids as well as rich in minerals and vitamins come iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, B1 and B2 as well as important phytochemicals such as acetogenins.

Drying 100% fresh air, 0% chemicals or pesticides.
Native country Peru (Amazon).
Usage tips : 1 to 2 teaspoons per day in a glass of water to prepare your graviola juice, preferably 30 minutes before meals.

The fruit of graviola is very complementary to theArtemisia annua(Annual Mugwort). These two products can be consumed at one time.
It is also advisable to consume graviola sheet in case of proven cancer.