Acai berry capsules of


8,60 - 20,60

Powder acai berry, vegetable bag 60 Gelatin capsules containing 335 mg

• question-lasting weight loss
• Powerful antioxidant for the body
• Combats premature aging
• Helps maintain healthy heart and digestive system
• Fight cancer cells
• One of the most nutritious foods in the world
• Improves Cardiovascular Health
• Improves digestion
• Against Diabetes
The Acai fruit extract bio (or Acai) brings strength and tone, strengthens the natural defenses of the body, the module bodily inflammation and helps cells to protect themselves from attacks.
Acai is recognized as the best slimming aid antioxidant fruit.
The concentration of the extract organic Acai, more rich in active principles, naturally leads to efficiency and speed in terms of action.
The Acai Berry is a fruit commonly used for its beneficial effects on appetite, it helps to regulate and curb. It also has a remarkable action as a fat burner. By influencing the metabolism, the Acai Berry helps people who are dieting to achieve the weight they have set themselves more easily to some and faster for others. In all cases, it is a real support for the organization on the path to weight loss.

Directions: 2 to 6 capsules per day before meals, on an empty stomach (like all fruits), with a glass of water, morning, noon or evening.
Origin: Brazil
Composition: 100% acai berry

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