Gélules de Capsaïcine

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Capsaicin 100% pure powder extracted from organic peppers in vegetable capsule (does not sting the mouth)

Capsaicin is part of a family of molecules called vanilloids, biologically active molecules.
Organic capsaicin is a potential alternative for treating osteoarthritis pain when acetaminophen does not provide relief, when a person does not tolerate oral medications well, or when they do not want to take this kind of drugs.
It has been shown in humans that the organic capsaicin of peppers can increase the feeling of satiety (appetite suppressant) and reduce food intake. Combined with healthy lifestyle habits, these short-term effects of Capsaicin can be an added bonus for people who want to lose weight.

Composition: 100% Capsaicin
Conditioning: 60 vegetable capsules each dosed at 375mg
Use: Take 4 to 6 capsules daily with meals. Keep out of reach of children.
Origin : La France

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La Capsaïcine contenu dans le piment bio est un anti cancer naturel puissant
Capsaicin capsules
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