Teinture mère Artemisia annua

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Annual Mugwort Artemisia annua tincture

Our Artemisia annua mother tincture is a tincture extracted from fresh organically grown plants.Highly concentrated mother tinctureto be taken orally for more convenient use.
Our annual mugwort tincture therefore offers all the active ingredients of the plant.
This organic plant extract, fresh and not frozen, is macerated in glass carboys directly on the picking sites (Origin Europe).
For your infusions, we offer an Artemisia Annua from a farm practicing biodynamic cultivation on a small scale. The way it is dried and cut guarantees its high quality and effectiveness.
10 to 15 drops twice a day, diluted in a little water, to be taken between meals. Keep out of reach of young children.

Artemisinin is a pro-oxidant against cancer or viruses, more effective if taken with iron. We advise you to take zinc-rich moringa leaf capsules or powder at the same time (3 capsules per day or 100 g of powder per month) and baobab fruit (powder is more economical and it does not is not unpleasant to drink, 250 g of powder per month, 2 teaspoons or 6 capsules per day) to supplement iron treatment, but also to strengthen and balance the metabolism and the immune system.
Artemisia annua is very complementary to graviola corrosol, bitter apricot kernels, dandelion root, and lapacho.

Composition: The liquid includes 55% water and 45% ethanol derived from sugar beets, with a ratio of 1 plant to 3 ethanol, once diluted in a glass of water it is not more alcoholic than fruits to digestion.
If to respect your religious convictions, you cannot drink alcohol at all, put your drops in very hot water or teaburningto evaporate it.
Conditioning: Bottle (glass or plastic depending on availability) with 30 ml dropper, more or less 600 drops.

Origin: Europe, culture without pesticides, organic

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Flacon de teinture mère d'Armoise annuelle Artemisia annua bio
Artemisia annua tincture
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