The benefits of organic mulberries Health

Les effets thérapeutique de la Mûre blanche ou Mulberries :

• Cure Diabetes & edema
• Riche en fibres, facilite le transit intestinale
• Riche en antioxydants pour la santé cardiovasculaire & renforce l’immunité
• Riches en flavonoïdes, protège des infections bactériennes et du cancer
• Ralentit la pousse des cheveux blancs
• Riche en fer pour maintenir la capacité physique et intellectuelle
• Purifier le sang & détox
• Stimulant des fonctions sexuels
• Aliment brûle-graisse

Les mûres blanches, ou mulberries, sont des “superfruits” qui proviennent de mûriers blancs, Morus alba de son nom latin. Le fruit de cet arbre, la mûre blanche, est naturellement sucrée, même une fois séchée à l’ombre.
Depuis plus de 5000 ans, le Morus alba est cultivé en Chine. Il s’est aujourd’hui répandu au Japon et dans le nord de l’Inde.

Consumption of mulberries is very popular in Asia and the Middle East. This popularity is not only due to its taste but also its particular texture.
Mais elle est traditionnellement conseillée pour ces qualités nutritives.

Their mild, sweet flavor is pleasant and the fact that easily consumes.
Fruit from the mulberry Asia or the Middle East, Mulberry, its English name is known for its high energy value.
One tablespoon of white Blackberries day allows to feel all the benefits.
White Blackberries are in line to compete with Goji berries, however, these two "super fruits" are complementary in terms of their benefits.
Mulberries, or Mulberries are the fruits of white mulberry (Morus alba in Latin). This tree belongs to the family Moraceae (the same as for the fig tree). He is originally from China where it was cultivated for its leaves, exclusive food of silkworms (caterpillar Bombix).

Les Mûres blanches ou
Mulberries organic

In the northern hemisphere, white Blackberries ripen in early summer (June-July). They can reach the size of a thumb of a child. Their color is milky white with pink-purple shades. It should not be confused with blackberry bramble (wild mulberry), the color tends toward black or dark gray-brown.

The mulberry is a fruit from organic farming. It can be consumed pure or in combination with other organic products (dried fruits, berries...). In the market, it presents raw, dried, jelly or syrup. It may be associated with an appetizer, incorporated into muesli or nibbled as is.

Rich in dietary fiber, they facilitate and help the functioning of the intestinal transit. They have antioxidant properties reducing aging of cells, and contain flavonoids that can protect against diabetes, bacterial infections and cancer.

History white Blackberries

Cultivated in China for over 5000 years, the white mulberry then spread to Japan and northern India. He then progressed to the west along the Silk Road: China - Central Asia - Iran-Asia Minor (Turkey) - European and Mediterranean. The caravans have sold feet to counter the Levant (eastern Mediterranean) as Byzantium (Istanbul), Antioch and Alexandria (Egypt). There, the Genoese and Venetian would have bought them with spices and precious fabrics extreme east they sold in Europe.

Through their anthocyanins, blueberries, blackberries or goji berries and acai delay cognitive aging brain and mental decline.

Les Mûres blanches ou
Mulberries bio séchées

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  1. Marise in Paris :

    Excellentes vos mûres blanches merci, ma mère en a consommé pendant 3 semaines le matin ajeun et son taux de fer dans le sang est enfin remonté à la normal.

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