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Spirulina capsules

Spirulina Powder after French productions in bags of 60 vegetarian capsules of 300mg.
• Strengthens the immune system
• Supports heart function and healthy cholesterol
• Improves digestive health and gastrointestinal
• Facilitates cleaning inside the body and helps the detoxification process
• Provides protection against diseases through its antioxidant properties
• Helps improve tone and vitality
Spirulina is a blue / green micro-algae native to Central America, Chad and India, dating back to the origin of life on earth, more than 3 billion years, reflecting its extreme resistance .
Some ancient civilizations like the Aztecs or the Mayans incorporated it in their food consumption, especially for its nutritional composition. It is also considered as traditional food by the people Kanembous Chad.
Spirulina is cultivated mainly in California, Hawaii, India, China, France and Africa, and growing strongly today.
Spirulina comes from organic, 100% natural.
Usage tips : 2 to 5 capsules per day before meals, empty stomach.
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