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Capsules of Desmodium adscendens

Le desmodium adscendens bio pour nettoyer et régénérer le foie

Leaf powder Desmodium adscendens, bag 60 vegetable capsules of 250mg
• Cleans and regenerates the liver
• Detoxify the body degrades and releases toxic (natural waste, drugs, alcohol, heavy metals), ideal during or after chemotherapy
• Promotes drainage and liver protection in excess toxins
• Maintain balance liver
• Réduire les troubles de la vue (rétinopathie, glaucome)
• Contre les contractures musculaires, courbatures, crampes
• Lowers gamma GT naturally
• Atténuer le syndrome prémenstruel
• Facilitate digestion
• against the bloating and intestinal gasses
• Against asthma and bronchitis
• Contre les maladies de peau, ralentit le vieillissement cutané
Desmodium bio for the well being and liver protection.
Powerful protector of hepatocytes, liver cell, bio Desmodium (Desmodium adscendens) will be useful in all situations where the liver is attacked by an exogenous agent (viruses, medication, chemotherapy ...) or endogenous (autoimmune reaction particular).
It has an action similar to the thistle and effectively stimulates natural liver regeneration.
Desmodium bio can also be combined with other treatments of viral hepatitis in the suites of toxic hepatitis (poisoning, chemotherapy ...), shortcomings and hepatic dysfunction (related to alcohol, for example).
Use : Take 2 to 6 capsules per day with a glass of water 20 minutes before meals, empty stomach.

Présentation : sachet de 60 gélules végétales, possibilité de les commander par 3 sachets à moindre coût.
Composition : les gélules contiennent 100% de racines de Desmodium
Origine : France