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Baobab fruit powder bio Baomix

La poudre de fruit de Baobab bio Baomix produite par Biologiquement

baobab fruit pulp powder bio Baomix adansonia digitata, also called monkey bread bio brand Baomix
Baomix is ​​"The strength of the baobab" 100% organic, rich in fiber and powerful antioxidant (anti-aging) concentrated vitamin, gluten free, certified AB and Fairtrade.
- Support for loss or weight gain naturellenement
- Against joint pain and arthritis
- Anti powerful natural inflammatory
- Natural Aphrodisiac for men
- Support for the biosynthesis of hormones (steroids), connective tissue and neurotransmitters
- Helps concentration
- Help in perspective and regain confidence
- Promotes collagen production
- 3 times more calcium than milk
- 10 times more vitamin C than oranges
- Rich in antioxidants, anti-aging
- Ascorbic acid contained in Baomix naturally increases the uptake and bioavailability of calcium and iron

Guaranteed 100% natural and organic, fruit pulp of Adansonia digitata (baobab fruit or bouye) Baomix is ​​obtained by simple separation of the pulp and naturally dried seeds.

exceptional regenerating and vitality of fruit Baomix is ​​recommended for anyone wishing to find and / or maintain good vitality: Seniors, children in the growth phase, students, excellent food supplement for the dietary sports.

natural antioxidant properties to fight against excess free radicals responsible for premature aging of cells: a weapon to fight stress and transient fatigue.

The pulp of Baobab Organic sweet and tangy taste is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other molecules essential for the proper functioning of the body

Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, PP), minerals, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble), and fatty acids amino acids (14 of which 8 essential)

Essential to good stem cell regeneration of the skin, Baomix is ​​effective in regulating many metabolic functions.

- Powder baobab bio Baomix contains 44% of fibers with 22.4% and 22.6% soluble insoluble, balancing and strengthen the intestinal flora and contributes to a good transit.

refreshing smoothies and tonic drinks
Additive sweetener in flavored chocolate of any type (milk, white, black)
To decorate dishes like soups, desserts (yogurt, cakes ...)
In cream sauce or accompaniment
In porridge with milk or water, possibly with a grain powder (millet, rice, oats ...): ideal for a nutritious breakfast
To prepare sorbets and ice
To sweeten slightly and bring your dishes a tangy notes

For culinary preparations or cocktails, dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water, fruit juices, smoothies, milk or yogurt, once or twice daily.
One tablespoon to 1.5L, the drink will keep for several days.

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Capsules Baobab fruit organic Baomix

baobab fruit pulp powder bio Baomix adansonia digitata, also called bio monkey bread, bag of 60 vegetarian capsules of 300mg
• Increases energy & alertness
• normalizes blood pressure
• Mood Balance & reduces stress
• Boosts immunity & health of skin and hair
• Natural Aphrodisiac
• Natural Pain
• Rich in calcium
• Restoration of the intestinal flora (ideal after a chemical treatment)
• If sensitivity, wear or joint stiffness
• Strengthens the immune system to fight like illness or advanced age
Baomix pulp of organic baobab fruit is a superfruit. It is native to Africa, where he is known as "the tree of life" and cherished by people across the continent. The pulp of its fruit naturally revitalizing.
- For its richness in vitamin C, Baobab fruit pulp gives you energy and vitality and concentration, clarity and alertness.
- For its high potassium concentration, it keeps your nervous system healthy, especially if you drink coffee, soda, alcohol, and if your diet is too high in sodium.
- Baobab fruit pulp contains high levels of prebiotic which alone improve the growth and colonization of probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
- Furthermore it strengthens our immune system by its high density in vitamin C and copper.
- Your muscle strength will be increased thanks to its high potassium levels.
- Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant its concentration in the fruit pulp of the Baobab, protects your healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.
- Thanks to its beneficial effects on the digestive system, Baobab pulp of the fruit enhances the absorption of iron with the help of vitamin C.

Some tips for use : 2 to 6 capsules per day for vitality, 20 minutes before meals with a glass of water, empty stomach (as all fruit).

The pulp of baobab fruit is a complementary product to the Goji Berry.

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Organic Baobab Oil Baoil

L'huile de baobab biologique de la marque Baoil

Virgin oil baobab organic wild fruit seeds of Baoil brand, cold pressed (Adansonia digitata L.) 50ml bottle
A massage oil for the body and face.
• Regenerating
• Softening
• Nourishing
• Soothing
• Healing
• beautifying
• Antioxidant

organic baobab oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the fruit of the baobab organic wild. Very moisturizing, it nourishes dry skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Its emollient and soothing properties make it an effective treatment for treating skin irritation.

This organic virgin oil does not clog pores. And fluid with excellent penetration, it is rapidly absorbed by the latter.
This product is highly valued for its medicinal properties and natural cosmetics.
It can also be used as seasoning to provide a general welfare.

Appearance: very fluid, oily liquid
Color: dark yellow to yellow
Odor: nuts
Storage conditions : Store preferably in a cool, below 20 ° C, away from air and light.

Care inner wellbeing : Baobab oil has a strong antioxidant because it contains many tocopherols.

Care External welfare : Baobab oil repairs and heals burns, chapped and brittle nails. It is used in nourishing balm for the body but also as preventive care against stretch marks. Some Baobab oil drops in the bath sufficient to soften the skin.
For hair careThe organic baobab oil is used in the form of oils and nourishing balms and beautifying. Baobab oil provides benefits to its dry ends and damaged when applied in the form of sera.

Tip: Baobab oil freezes below 15 degrees, keep the bottle in a heated room in winter to use.

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Baobab Fruit whole Baomix

Le fruit de Baobab bio produit par Biologiquement

Baobab fruit organic whole Adansonia digitata Baomix bread Monkey Organic Fairtrade

Baobab tree, Adansonia digitata, produces beautiful fruit that will give luster to a floral composition of plants and dried flowers. It can also be cut to make cuts natural decoration.

Open or closed, baobab fruit adorn the tasteful potpourri bowls for decoration.

Once open, you can also collect seeds of the fruit and get to plant a baobab tree (which is a houseplant).
Finally you can open the result in the breaking ground and consume the way Africans. You can suck each organic fruit pulp pieces, be careful there is a seed in the middle!
100 g of fresh pulp contains:
- over 300 mg of vitamin C, approximately 6 times more than that contains an orange or lemon,
- 300 mg calcium,
- 3000 mg of potassium, (six times more than in the banana)
- 30 mg of phosphorus
- 6 times more antioxidants than cranberries and blueberries and 2 times more than in the acai berries and wolfberries.
This fruit is also rich in essential vitamins like Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin). The baobab fruit contributes to the important nutrients intake.

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Leaves Baobab bio

Leaves dried organic baobab Adansonia digitata, 100g bag
Baobab bio sheet rich in calcium and iron, also contain phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. It is also composed of amino acids of pro-vitamin A and vitamin C.
The dried baobab leaves are indicated as anti-anemia, rickets, tonic, anti-asthmatic, anti-diarrheal, diuretic and control. Analyzes made on young leaves, dried in the shade and pulverized reveal a significant presence of provitamin A.
Use : baobab sheet can be consumed tea, and enter the food preparation composition, or be applied as a mask on the skin or hair.
Presentation : Bag of 100g heat-sealed, equipped with a resealable zipper for better preservation.

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Capsules bark of Lapacho

Root Lapacho (Tecoma Adenophilla) also called pau d'arco in capsules dosed at 325mg
The lapacho is American Indians of ancient remedy for many ailments.
• cancer treatment
• bacterial infections caused by staphylococci, streptococci, etc.
• Viral infections: flu, colds, herpes, polio, Epstein-Barr virus, etc.
• parasitic infections such as malaria
• infections of the mouth, nose and throat
• disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: mucositis, colitis, Crohn's disease, polyps, dysentery, peptic ulcers
• genitourinary system disorders: cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, bladder polyps, vaginitis, vaginal discharge, inflammation of the cervix
• gastritis, gastric ulcer
• wounds and ulcers
• Pain killer
• arteriosclerosis
• weak heart
• asthma
• Elimination of toxins (free radicals)
• Stimulating the immune system
• analgesic (painkiller)
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antirheumatic (arthritis)
• Care for anemia (contains iron and minerals) and other hematological diseases (blood disorder) such as leukemia or Hodgkin's disease
• Care of certain neurological diseases (Parkinson's disease)
• Treatment of Fibromyalgia
• Arteriosclerosis
• Digestive disorders (inflammation of the stomach and intestines)
• polyp
• Leucorrhea
• Cystitis
• Prostatitis
• Dermatitis (skin diseases): eczema, psoriasis, lupus, boils
• Bronchitis
• Diabetes
• Acts against Lyme disease
Directions: 2 to 6 capsules per day before meals with a glass of water.

Aloe Vera Capsules

L’aloe vera plante gel traitement anti-cancer naturel traitement des ulcères

Aloe vera plant hard capsules 245 mg
- Has very effective antioxidants
- Effectively protects radiation (Association Ginkgo Biloba)
- Support for skin cancer prevention (the Japanese have used it after the nuclear bomb)
- Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
- Anti-inflammatory General (Turmeric and ginger Association)
- Stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the body, fights fatigue (Ginseng and Maca Association)
- Reduces the risk of infections
- antiseptic and antifungal, fights fungus
- Detoxification of the body (Lapacho Association)
- Improved oxygenation of the cells (Goji Association)
- Promotes healthy cell renewal, noncancerous (Graviola association leaves)
- Support for prevention of bowel and colon cancer (Curcuma association and baobab powder)
- Protects against autoimmune diseases (wolfberries and Acai association)
- Improves blood circulation
- Fighting diabetes and cholesterol (internal)
- Fight effectively genital herpes (Association berry cranberries)
- anestésique effect, reduces pain (especially intestinal pain)
- Help fight against transit and constipation
Biologically the gel is extracted from the fresh pulp of Aloe Vera leaves grown in organic farming. The leaves are hand picked and shelled it possible to preserve the richness of natural components of the pulp.
Composition: 100% pure aloe vera gel
Origin: Mexico
Directions: Take up to 6 capsules a day with a large glass of water during meals.

Maca Root Capsules

Poudre de maca bio du Pérou, sachet de 60 gélules végétales dosées à 350mg (Lepidium meyenii)
• Promotes libido and sexual health, natural aphrodisiac
• Improves stamina
• Promotes mental clarity and concentration
• Revitalise les cellules cérébrales en favorisant l’éveil intellectuel
• Reduces stress and fatigue accumulated
• Promotes menstrual and menopausal health
• Combat l’acidité et l’indigestion
• Help with weight loss

Originaire du Pérou, la maca est une plante à racine pivotante de la famille des Brassicaceae tel que le navet, qui pousse dans les hauteurs des Andes entre 4100-4500 m. d’altitude, 8-9 mois sont nécessaires pour produire la racine récoltée.
Notre maca bio est cultivé sur un sol rocheux sur un terrain andin rugueux sous une lumière intense, un vent fort et une température allant de -15 ° C à 20 ° C.
Ces conditions de croissance extrêmes favorisent la composition riche en nutriments et phytochimiques.
Cette plante est composée de glucides, de protéines, d’acides gras et également de fibres. La racine de la plante Maca bio contient des vitamines B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E, P et aussi des oligo-éléments : calcium, magnésium, phosphore, cuivre, manganèse, zinc, potasse et fer.

This dietary supplement made from Maca is to help your body strengthen its immune defenses, its resistance to stress and sexual performance.

The Maca, also sometimes called "Peruvian ginseng", is a tuber, a food plant that has many nutritional benefits in addition to treatment.

Usage tips : Take 2 to 6 capsules per day, to be swallowed with a glass of water, or to open in a yogurt, 20 minutes before meals, empty stomach.

It is also complementary to the baobab and the goji berry.

Ingredients: 100% powder roots of Maca AB Ecocert (Lepidium peruvianum) sachte 60 vegetable capsules.

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Acai berry capsules of

Powder acai berry, vegetable bag 60 Gelatin capsules containing 335 mg

• question-lasting weight loss
• Powerful antioxidant for the body
• Combats premature aging
• Helps maintain healthy heart and digestive system
• Fight cancer cells
• One of the most nutritious foods in the world
• Improves Cardiovascular Health
• Improves digestion
• Against Diabetes
The Acai fruit extract bio (or Acai) brings strength and tone, strengthens the natural defenses of the body, the module bodily inflammation and helps cells to protect themselves from attacks.
Acai is recognized as the best slimming aid antioxidant fruit.
The concentration of the extract organic Acai, more rich in active principles, naturally leads to efficiency and speed in terms of action.
The Acai Berry is a fruit commonly used for its beneficial effects on appetite, it helps to regulate and curb. It also has a remarkable action as a fat burner. By influencing the metabolism, the Acai Berry helps people who are dieting to achieve the weight they have set themselves more easily to some and faster for others. In all cases, it is a real support for the organization on the path to weight loss.

Directions: 2 to 6 capsules per day before meals, on an empty stomach (like all fruits), with a glass of water, morning, noon or evening.
Origin: Brazil
Composition: 100% acai berry

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Mixer for easy preparation, powder + water

Drummer to prepare your drink organic baobab Baomix graviola or soursop in 10 seconds.
Manual :
Use a glass of water or fruit juice, pour a teaspoon of Baomix or graviola, immerse the whip in your preparation and let it run a few seconds by pushing a button, it's ready!

Baomix is ​​pulp organic baobab fruit, sweet tartness and which contains all the nutrients needed by the body.
For culinary preparations or cocktails, dissolve a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water (one tablespoon for 1.5L), fruit juice, milk or yogurt ..
7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 3 times more calcium than milk and exceptional regenerating properties: Baomix is ​​the best dietary supplement for sports.
For good vitality, Baomix is ​​also recommended for children in the growth phase, students, senior citizens ...
The antioxidant properties of natural bouye help fight against excess free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging of cells.
Baomix: a weapon to fight stress and transient fatigue.

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Capsules artemisinin from Artemisia annua Annual mugwort

Armoise annuelle bio Artemisia annua riche en artemisinine plante feuille tige anticancer naturel en tisanes ou en gélules

Artemisia annua (Annual Mugwort) 100% natural vegetable capsules of 250mg
• Fight against cancer cells with artemisinin
• Relieves digestive disorders: colic, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence.
• Stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, promoting appetite.
• Powerful worming: eliminates intestinal worms.
• Combating and preventing malaria
• Acts against Lyme disease
• If an uncomfortable menstrual cycle
Artemisinin is reacted with iron in the body, and forms a free radical that attacks the cancer cells.
Cancer cells with high replication rate, contain a higher concentration of iron, and are therefore subject to a higher cytotoxic attack. This explains the toxicity of this molecule for cancer cells.
Artemisinin has been used for centuries to kill parasites, particularly worms and flukes. These parasites, which are present in all of us, create a burden for the body, weaken the energy resources and create by-products that must be excreted.
Artemisinin is a more effective pro-oxidant when taken with iron, because cancer cells are hungry for iron and it is in the presence of large amount of iron in a cell that artemisinin will trigger the death of this one. We advise you to take along with wormwood, capsules or powder moringa leaf to complement the iron treatment.

The artemisia annua is very complementary to graviola Corrosol, the bitter almond apricot, dandelion root, and lapacho against cancer. These products are compatible and can be consumed at one time.
The fruit powder organic baobab Baomix is ​​an excellent natural source of iron for ease action of artemisinin.

Presentation : Bag 60 vegetable capsules (dosed at 250mg) from Artemisia annua, 100% of the plant, aerial part (stems, leaves, French culture without pesticides)
Usage tips : take 1 to 3 capsules per day in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.