The health benefits of papaya seeds

Papaye, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Papaye, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active ingredients.

The therapeutic effectspapaya seed :

• Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
• Absorbs excess fat and sugar
• Aids in lasting weight loss
• Anti-inflammatory
• Powerful natural anti cancer properties
• Protects the digestive system
• Detoxifies the liver
• Prevents kidney failure
• Fights diabetes

Papain is an enzymatic complex that has the ability to digest proteins, pectins, and also certain lipids and sugars. This ability of papain to digest proteins is very powerful and approaches those of the digestive juices present in the normal state in the digestive tract. This digestive power can therefore be used to treat digestive disorders due to poor digestion of fats and proteins, as well as those due to hepatobiliary disorders.

Cardiovascular Health

In addition, papaya is rich in minerals and trace elements, in particular potassium (214 mg/100 g), calcium (20 mg/100 g) and magnesium (13 mg/100). These nutrients are beneficial to the functioning of the cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems as well as to bone tissue.

Organic papaya

Cellulite and Weight Loss

By spreading in the body, papain allows the splitting of abnormally secreted proteins (the collagen fibers of cellulite) and facilitates their elimination as well as that of fatty dimples. The papaya seed is therefore effective in helping the burning of fat and therefore contributes to weight loss.

Anti-inflammatory properties

In addition to the properties described above, papain also has an anti-inflammatory property, which allows it to be particularly effective in the treatment of painful cellulite with edema. Namely that the papain contained in papaya seeds also acts successfully in the care of inflammatory conditions of the throat such as pharyngitis or laryngitis.

liver health

Papaya seeds contain essential nutrients that help in curing liver cirrhosis. Grind or crush 5-6 Papaya seeds and extract the juice. Consume the juice for 30 days. Eating small amounts of papaya seeds regularly helps detoxify the liver.

Kidney health

Researchers from the University of Karachi have found that papaya seeds can be used to improve kidney health and prevent kidney failure. They intervene more particularly in the prevention of the problems of renal insufficiency. And in case of kidney disease, they can be used as a supplement.
To consume seven seeds distributed in seven doses per day. If you don't like the taste, you can take them with water or juice.

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

A small amount of Papaya seeds helps kill harmful bacteria like E. coli, staphylococcus, and salmonella. They also help fight viral infections and serve as a cure for dengue fever, typhoid fever, and many other illnesses. In Nigeria, papaya seeds with milk are used as a remedy for typhoid fever.

Anti-cancer virtues

Papaya seeds contain agents that prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors. They contain isothiocyanate which works well for colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer. They produce a kind of sap or juice that contains acetogenin. This component, according to studies, can greatly contribute in preventing the development of cancerous cells in the body. Moreover, this is one of the reasons why papaya and its seeds are widely used as natural remedies in several regions of the world.

Organic papaya seeds

Anti parasites

Papaya seeds contain an alkaloid called “Carpaine” which kills intestinal worms and amoeba parasites. Papaya fruit helps metabolize proteins and makes the gastrointestinal tract extremely hostile to parasites. Studies have shown that children in Nigeria got rid of parasites in their gut in 75% of cases by consuming Papaya seed juice for 7 days. Papaya seeds have antiparasitic enzymes that contain carp, an alkaloid that has the ability to overcome intestinal parasites. Grind them to obtain a fine powder. Consume two to three times a day. If the taste is not very pleasant, you can take them with honey, juice or just water.
For children 5 years old who suffer from intestinal parasites, they can take 1 seed. Never give more than 3 seeds at a time.

natural contraceptive

Papaya seeds are excellent natural contraceptives for men and women, with no side effects, unlike chemical contraceptives which have many harmful effects with prolonged use. For centuries, men and women in the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia have traditionally used the papaya fruit and its seeds as a form of birth control.

To promote weight loss

These small black seeds have a fat-burning action, which makes them perfect for helping with weight loss, especially as part of a diet. They have the property of preventing the body from assimilating excess fats and sugars. They make elimination that much easier. Papaya seeds are also very good for digestion. Take seven seeds seven times a day.

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