The health benefits of organic papaya

Papaye, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Papaya, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active ingredients.

The organic papaya is a tree from intertropical regions. It can measure up to ten meters high. Its fruit, organic papaya, looks like a large orange-colored avocado.

An organic papaya can weigh up to 5 kg when ripe. According to a study carried out in Germany, organic papaya is the food containing the most carotenoids, with 3.8 mg for half a fruit. It would be ahead of grapefruit which contains 3.6 mg and apricot which contains 2.6 mg. Carotenoids are very formidable antioxidants recognized as essential in the prevention and preservation of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Unfortunately, their properties are very little known and we often throw them in the trash. This is why we decided, in the remainder of this article, to tell you about the benefits of organic papaya leaves. Don’t hesitate to include them in your daily diet.

  1. Organic papaya leaves fight indigestion

Digestive problems like infections, stomach aches and acidity disorders can be eliminated with the help of organic papaya leaves.

Their enzymes help protect the entire digestive system, from the mouth to the colon. They also help proteins and carbohydrates to be metabolized naturally, so as to prevent excessive acid production in the intestines.

  1. Reduce inflammation caused by dengue fever

Organic papaya leaves contain enzymes that will help reduce inflammation, fever, pain and flu caused by dengue fever.

Dengue fever is caused by the bite of a mosquito infected with this virus. This pathology begins with a severe and sudden fever, which can reach 40.5°C, between the 4th and 7th day of infection.

Then, 2 to 5 days after the onset of the fever, a rash of red patches may occur over most of the body.

As the pathology develops, a second rash occurs, which resembles that caused by measles.

People infected with dengue fever may also experience very high skin sensitivity and feel extremely severe pain.

Faced with these symptoms, we recommend that you go to the doctor quickly and follow our treatment based on organic papaya leaf infusion.

  1. Helps fight gluten intolerance

Organic papaya leaves can help you better assimilate gluten protein and digest it better.

If your doctor has confirmed that you are gluten intolerant, we recommend that you consume papaya infusion regularly and visit a nutritionist to make the changes you need to be healthy. better health.

  1. Fight cancer

The antioxidants in organic papaya leaves are very useful in helping the human body fight serious pathologies, such as cancer, without causing side effects.

Add this infusion at least 4 times a week to your diet. In addition, eat a balanced diet: don't smoke, do more sport and avoid consuming processed foods.

  1. Help fight addiction to carbohydrates and sugar

By consuming organic papaya leaf infusion, you can reduce your excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar.

This addiction is an extremely serious problem. Because it can weaken the overall health of people who suffer from it.

Remember, you should also get enough good-quality protein and fats, such as those found in:

Eggs from organic farming


The lawyer

Coconut oil

  1. Fight acne

Acne is a fundamental problem for both adolescents and adults who suffer from hormonal problems. If you suffer from it and you have already tried everything to get rid of it, try organic papaya leaves.

To fight acne and blackheads, you can prepare a mask made from organic papaya leaves and a little water.

You will need to mix these two ingredients to make a paste.

When your paste is ready, you need to apply it to your skin and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Do this mask regularly to get good results.

  1. Soothe prostate enlargement problems

If you suffer from an enlarged prostate, you can consume an infusion made from organic papaya leaves to relieve the following problems:

Urinary pain

Frequent urge to urinate



  1. Improve the health of your hair

We are used to coming across organic papaya in recipes for natural beauty products. Indeed, the infusion of organic papaya leaves can also allow you to recover all the natural shine of your hair and to strengthen it.

Prepare this infusion and add it to your shampoo, then use it as usual.

  1. Have a laxative effect

We all know that organic papaya is also an excellent laxative.

However, if you do not like the flavor of this fruit, you can consume an infusion made from its leaves. This will allow you to relieve your constipation problems, thanks to their high fiber content.

  1. Soothe menstrual pain

To relieve spasms and pain associated with menstruation, you can drink organic papaya leaf juice several times a day.

If you have hormonal problems or suffer from uterine myomas, it's likely that your periods are more than painful.

If this is your case, drink organic papaya leaf infusion to soothe your suffering. And you will avoid consuming pharmaceutical drugs.

  1. Fight against premature aging

Thanks to their amino acid content, organic papaya leaves help keep skin young and healthy.

If you consume a cup of organic papaya leaf infusion per day, you will be able to firm and rejuvenate your skin, protecting it from wrinkles and the appearance of expression lines.

  1. Increase appetite

Whether due to drug treatment or the progression of an illness, we sometimes lose our appetite.

By drinking organic papaya leaf infusion, you will help your body want to eat more. In addition, you will improve the digestion process.

  1. Strengthen the immune system

The high phytonutrient content of organic papaya leaves can help our body protect itself against:

Cardiovascular illnesses

The cancer


The allergies

Stomach infections

14.Against dengue

Papaya leaves really have many beneficial properties for our health. Consuming papaya leaf extract has been found to increase blood platelet levels. The properties contained in papaya leaves are very suitable for people who generally have low platelet levels or who specifically suffer from dengue fever.

Blood platelets or thrombocytes are not a simple value in the study of a blood test. Their function is essential because it allows good coagulation (for example, to stop bleeding or hemorrhages). In addition, platelets are also linked to the treatment of atherosclerosis and the prevention of coronary heart attacks. So, normal blood platelet values ​​should be at least 150,000 per cubic millimeter. If you want to increase blood platelet levels, you can eat papaya leaves or get supplement tablets.

It is considered one of the healthiest foods in view of its nutritional value and its benefits for the body. The benefits of papaya can be seen both inside and outside the body. In addition to improving our digestion and strengthening the immune system, it prevents cellular damage. The benefits of papaya are incredible!

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