Crème Cocon Apaisante Goji bio

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1 15ml

Ingredients of natural origin: 98.56%
Organic ingredients: 63.70%

Apply daily to clean, dry skin.
Take a dab of organic Goji Soothing Cocoon cream and heat it between the palms of your hands. The goal? Facilitate the application of the treatment and activate the active ingredients it contains. Then apply the organic cream starting from the center of the face and stretching towards the outer corners (ears, hair roots…), do not forget to massage the neck which needs to be hydrated. Then make circular movements all over the face to make the cream penetrate correctly. You can finish your gesture with little taps here and there, this activates the micro-circulation of the blood. If you want to put on makeup, wait two or three minutes for the treatment to be absorbed by the skin.

The skin is 94% less sensitive (fragile)
100% skin hydration
Skin protection 100%
The skin is 88% revitalized
Evens skin tone 81%
Brings a feeling of comfort to 100%

Vegetable oils (Wheat Germ, Organic Macadamia, Organic Safflower, Organic Avocado) - Vitamin E - Organic Goji Extract - Criste Marine Extract - Glycerin - Organic Rose Water

* Use test carried out for two weeks on 16 female subjects with sensitive skin on the face
To learn more about the benefits of the goji berry, visit the blog : organic Goji

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