Modern science certifies the therapeutic powers of organic nigella seed or also called black seed, black cumin.

Nigelle, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Nigelle, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active ingredients.

The health benefits of nigella seed:

• Anti-diabetes
• Anti cancer
• Immunomodulator
• Analgesic
• Antimicrobial
• Anti-inflammatory
• Spasmolytic
• Bronchodilator
• Hepato-protective
• Kidney Protector
• Antioxidant properties
• Gastro-protective
• Joint pain
• Against rheumatism

Here are some pathologies for which treatment with organic nigella seed has given conclusive results:

You can either open the capsules of organic nigella oil available on Biologiquement with a scissor for local applications, or consume them whole with a glass of water. With this product the solution is to consume natural organic nigella seeds.
1- The headache
traditional medicine says "The application of organic nigella oil in a bandage eliminates headaches not accompanied by fever". A second mode of employment:
apply organic nigella oil on the painful part then massage. A third:
mélanger les graines de nigelle bio pilées à de l’huile d’olive et administrer par voie nasale quelques gouttes du produit résultant.
2- La migraine hémi-céphalique
Prendre une petite quantité de graines de girofle pilées, de la poudre de graines de nigelle bio et de l’orge pilée, bien mélanger le tout et pétrir avec du miel d’abeille. Appliquer le mélange sur la partie souffrante le soir jusqu’au matin en accompagnant ce traitement d’une prise d’une cuillère à café d’huile de nigelle bio à jeun et ce, pendant trois jours.
3- Le rhume
la médecine traditionnelle dit « Si le patient met dans un bocal de la graine de nigelle bio pilée qu’il sent régulièrement, il sera délivré de son rhume ».
Grillée puis pillé, enfin mélangée à de l’huile d’olive puis administrée par voie nasale sous forme de gouttes, trois à quatre fois par jour, le patient s’en trouve guéri du rhume occasionnel accompagné d’éternuements nombreux.
4- Le mal de dent, de la gencive, de l’aluette et de la gorge
la médecine traditionnelle conseille : « Si la graine de nigelle bio est cuite avec du vinaigre et que le patient utilise la préparation dans des bains de bouche, le mal de dents du patient produit par la sensibilité au froid disparaît alors ».
Other preparation: Boil organic nigella seed and use the water from the mixture in mouthwashes and gargles. Spread organic nigella oil on the neck and edges of the upper jaw on the side of the teeth by taking a spoonful of organic nigella oil on an empty stomach every morning.
5- Dizziness, otitis and hearing disorders
Against dizziness, it is advisable to massage the temples and neck with organic nigella oil.
Against otitis, it is advisable to put a few drops of well-filtered organic black seed oil in the ear.
6- Eye ailments
Apply organic black cumin oil around the eye area and mix a few drops of this oil with any hot drink or even carrot juice and consume the mixture.
7- The occasional deformation of the facies
traditional medicine advises: "Organic nigella oil also remedies deformities of the chin (when the latter tends to lean towards one side of the face) by application and massage of the nose".
8- In the treatment of insomnia
Take a spoonful of organic nigella oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey, or eat a spoonful of organic nigella seeds a day.
9- In the treatment of headaches
Take a spoonful of organic nigella oil mixed with wild blackberry juice or take two spoonfuls of organic nigella seeds.
10- The treatment of shortness of breath and respiratory failure
traditional medicine advises: "Taking a quantity of organic nigella seeds mixed with water eliminates shortness of breath and respiratory disorders".

11- Asthma
Boil organic nigella oil and breathe deeply the steam released morning and evening by adding a spoonful of organic nigella oil to grind and swallow morning and evening also, provided that this is done in
before meals. It is also advisable to massage your chest and neck with organic black seed oil before going to bed.
It is generally advisable to consume a lot of organic nigella oil because it contains nigella whose properties promoting good breathing are known in the treatment of asthma and cough.
12- Heart problems and blood pressure
It is advisable to consume organic black cumin oil in quantity with any hot drink because of its absorption of fats and its power to widen veins and arteries.
13- Hypertension
Add a few drops to any hot drink and consume or take two spoons of organic nigella seeds per day.
14- Lung diseases due to cold
Take a large spoon of organic nigella oil, mix with water, bring to the boil, inhale the vapors released by putting a bath towel over your head; take thyme herbal tea mixed with
organic nigella seed powder or its oil.
15- Stomach and intestinal ailments
traditional medicine advises: “organic nigella seed oil reduces stomach ailments. » Take a spoonful of organic nigella seeds before meals for 3 days.
16- Sourness
A few drops of organic nigella oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with bee honey. Take a spoon of organic nigella seeds before the meal.
17- Ulcers
Take a spoonful of organic nigella oil, mix with a coffee cup of bee honey, add a spoonful of sweet pomegranate peels, consume the mixture daily on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of unsweetened milk and this for two months. Take a spoonful of organic nigella seeds before lunch for 15 days.
18- Intestinal crises
Take equal quantities of anise, cumin and mint, mix and boil, sweeten with honey and add to the infusion a spoonful of organic nigella oil or 3 spoonfuls of crushed organic nigella seeds. Consume hot. It is desirable to massage the painful area with organic black seed oil.
19- Ailments of the pancreas
Put a compress of organic nigella seed confit kneaded in warmed olive oil on the left side before sleeping. At the same time, consume a glass of fenugreek tea sweetened with honey and added with a spoon of organic nigella oil for a fortnight.

Organic nigella seed

20- Bloating and the expulsion of gas traditional medicine advises: “organic nigella seed eliminates bloating, clears clogged ducts and dissolves gas”.
Put three drops of organic nigella oil in a cup of coffee or tea and consume or 1 spoon of crushed organic nigella seeds.
21- Nausea and vomiting
A spoonful of crushed cloves, a spoonful of black cumin oil, mixed with mint tea for three days.
Another method: Boil nigella seed and cloves and eat three times a day without adding sugar.
22- Diarrhea
Mix a tablespoon of organic nigella oil with a glass of yogurt and consume. Repeat the treatment until the diarrhea disappears.
23- Problems related to the elimination of urine, menstruation and breast activity
traditional medicine advises: “Pounded, kneaded with honey and consumed with hot water, … the organic nigella seed facilitates the elimination of urine, menstruation and alleviates the problems of secretion of milk if the mixture is
consumed regularly.
Another method: Massage the part above the bladder with organic nigella oil while consuming in parallel the infusion of organic nigella seed sweetened with honey every evening before sleeping.
24- Sexual insufficiency
Take 200 grams of well crushed organic nigella seeds, add 100 grams of crushed male frankincense, 50 grams of organic nigella oil, 50 grams of arugula oil, 50 grams of olive oil, 200 grams of honey pure bee.
Mix everything and consume a spoonful with each meal. The 120-year-old will feel the vitality of a 20-year-old man.
25- Back and joint pain (rheumatism)
Slightly warm organic nigella oil and vigorously massage the painful area. Also consume a spoonful of organic nigella oil three times a day.
26- Treatment of sprains and bruises
Boil a handful of organic nigella seeds, immerse the affected limb in the water of the porridge for a quarter of an hour, trying to gently articulate the limb. Then massage the member with organic nigella oil. Do not bend, shake or wear anything before sleeping.
27- Resorption of fractures
Take a soup of lentils, onion and boiled eggs. Consume with a well-filled spoon of organic nigella oil. Massage the areas close to the fracture with organic black cumin oil. As soon as the plaster is removed, massage gently with heated organic nigella oil.
28- Bone fragility and the problem of paralysis in children
After removing the child's clothes in a warm room, prick his whole body with fish spines after which massage with organic nigella oil.
Administer three times a day to the patient a spoonful of fish oil.
29- The fight against hair loss

Thoroughly massage the lemon scalp, and leave on for a quarter of an hour. Wash it well with shampoo and dry thoroughly. Then apply organic nigella oil all over the scalp for a week and the fall of
hair will totally disappear.
30- Treatment of total and partial baldness
A spoon of crushed organic nigella seed, a coffee cup of vinegar
diluted, a teaspoon of garlic juice.
Mix everything and apply to the affected part after removing the hair and scraping the diseased part. Cover with a compress and leave to act from morning to evening. Then massage with organic nigella oil for a week.
31- The treatment of herpes
Apply organic nigella oil to the diseased part daily. It is advisable to repeat the operation several times a day.
32- The treatment of various manifestations of dermal fungi
Take a glass of crushed organic nigella seeds, a glass of apple essence, a glass of organic nigella oil. Boil the apple essence then successively pour in the crushed organic nigella seed then the oil. Stir until thickened. Apply on sick area for one week.
33- The treatment of warts
Massage with organic nigella oil for two weeks, making sure to take a spoonful of organic nigella oil three times a day.
34- Treatment of skin depigmentation and scabs
traditional medicine advises: “Pounded and mixed with vinegar then spread on the parts affected by depigmentation or crusts or dandruff, the organic nigella seed eradicates the evil. »
35- The elimination of adolescent acne
Add half a glass of pomegranate peel to a glass of nigella seeds. Mix everything with a glass of apple essence. Heat to a bearable temperature and mix with the same quantity of organic nigella oil. Apply to pimples and tuberosities.36- Treatment of dermal diseases in general

Prepare a mixture of organic nigella oil, rose essence and wheat flour in the proportions 2-1-1 respectively. Clean the diseased area with a cotton ball soaked in diluted vinegar, spread the preparation and expose the diseased area to the sun early in the morning. It is advisable to avoid foods causing allergic effects: eggs, fish, mango etc.
37- Treatment of eczema
Apply lukewarm organic nigella oil to irritated areas.
38- Treatment of depressive states

Add five drops of organic black cumin oil to a cup of coffee or tea.
39- Treatment of localized cancer
Massage the site of the tumor three times a day and take after each meal, for three months, a glass of carrot juice mixed with a spoonful of organic black cumin oil.
40- Treatment of diabetes
A glass of crushed organic nigella seeds mixed with a spoon of finely ground myrrh, half a glass of cardamine seeds, a glass of crushed pomegranate peels, a glass of crushed cabbage seeds, a spoon of
ferrule mixed with organic nigella oil; Consume on an empty stomach.
41- Treatment of gynecological and obstetrical problems
Take a spoonful of organic black cumin oil and mix with an infusion of anise sweetened with honey, five times a day for forty days.
It is advisable to use organic black cumin oil with all hot drinks against obstetric diseases.
42- Treatment of bad looks
Mix a spoonful of organic nigella oil and a spoonful of olive oil, massage the face with this mixture and leave to act for an hour.
Wash face with soap and water.
43- Treatment of general fatigue states
Take daily and on an empty stomach a glass of orange juice mixed with a medium spoon of organic nigella oil for ten days. Since the prophet sws informed his companions of the marvelous medicinal power of the nigella seed, traditionalists have employed, each according to his knowledge, to try to prove that it cured all ills. Some have come to enumerate certain ailments for which the healing effect has been verified.
However, this limited number does not translate the term "all" used by the prophet with regard to the evils
treated with organic nigella seed.
His knowledge of medicine allowed him to see that, to have such power, the organic nigella seed had to act positively on an element of the human organism which, itself, would be in interaction with all the evils, and this element there is the immune system. It is indeed this system which is responsible for defending the body against all the evils that come to assail it.
The doctor's study therefore focused on the Immune System. The doctor took a sample of twenty patients. He regularly administered organic nigella seed to some of them for a few days and found that in a few days, the immune system of people treated with organic nigella seed had visibly improved. He then took two cells of the immune system from the blood, one responsible for strengthening the immune system and the second for neutralizing diseases and germs. His experience allowed him to see that the first cell had improved by 72% and the second by 73%.
This is the gross yield of the organic nigella seed. Doctor Qadî considered that a verse from the Koran mentioned the virtues of bee honey and that it would be desirable to try to bring together the healing power of Koranic medicine, honey, and prophetic medicine, the seed of organic nigella.
He then tried a preparation made up of honey and organic nigella seed, to which he added garlic whose virtues are established, which he administered to cancer patients. The results were staggering: the defensive system of the first cell had improved by 200% and that of the second by 300%.
The results of his experiments were presented to the Union of American Associations of Biological-Experimental Sciences, which recognized the accuracy of the results and transmitted them to the various press agencies around the world, ensuring the doctor a great reputation.

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  1. Samia Paris :

    Je traite mon diabète depuis deux mois avec l’huile de nigelle la poudre de moringa et le lapacho, et mon médecin me dit que je suis en train de guérir, il en revient pas, ces produits à lui ne m’avait rien fait
    merci mr hervy

    • Omar LOUNES :

      Bonjour Samia,
      Quel diabète avez vous : type 1 ou type 2 ?
      Etes vous complètement guérie ?
      Quels dosage utilisez vous / quelles quantités prenez vous ?

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