Organic Maca root powder

Maca, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Maca, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active principles.


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a major fortifier that comes to us from the Andes. It is best known for strengthening the physiological functions of desire and powerfully promoting fertility. Such particular properties are due to its richness in certain minerals and hormonal precursors. It improves the rise and intensity of pleasure by a deep balancing action. In the same way, and outside of this context linked to sexuality, it improves physical performance and, like any adaptogenic plant, provides better resistance to stress.

Poudre de racine de maca bio produite par Biologiquement
Organic maca root powder produced by Biologiquement


In short, all these elements make it the plant of first choice, for both men and women, to optimize and strengthen sexual functions and stimulate vitality in general.
This Andean tuber strengthens physical and mental energy, reduces stress and fatigue, improves sleep and memory.Hormone regulator, it promotes sexual vitality, regulates the female cycle and reduces menopausal disorders.
In addition to its marked effect on female as well as male libido, “Andean ginseng” promotes fertility.
It is advisable to consume organic maca for people wishing to enhance their sexual performance and the intensity of pleasure.
For people suffering from impotence or frigidity.
For people with fertility issues.

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