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The Lycium Barbarum, commonly called "Goji" is endemic to the Himalayas Bay 100% natural and certified organic in France.
A real concentration of energy, Goji, longevity fruit used for centuries by traditional Tibetan medicine is rich in minerals and trace elements. It promotes digestion and treatment of toxins and nutrients. It increases vitality and helps fight against physical and psychological impairments. Rich in antioxidants, the Goji fight against premature aging of our cells.
Excellent food supplement sports, Goji is recommended for physical efforts long term, it helps weight loss and boosts libido.
Consume 20 to 30 grams per day (palm of the hand), nature, mixed with yogurt, muesli, added to various hot dishes, soaked in tea or juice.

La baie de Goji du Ningxia Himalaya de la boutique bio en ligne Biologiquement.com
The Ningxia Goji Berry Himalayan bio online store Biologiquement.com

- Unique Polysaccharides - carotenoids (including beta-carotene)
- Facilitates intestinal transit, processing toxins and liver regeneration
- Helps Weight Loss
- 19 amino acids 8 vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, B12, E, C, A)
- 21 minerals and trace elements (iron, zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, ...)
- Lowers cholesterol and hypertension
- Strengthens nails and hair
- Embellished skin - Restores energy
- Increases libido
- Stimulates visual acuity
- Boosts the immune system
- Dietary Fiber
- Omega 3 easily assimilable

The goji berries are always the last harvestFreshly sundried, simply leave the bag open so that they ramollise naturally. The texture of the bay actually depends on the ambient hydrometric, goji is very hydrophilic, as soon as time pressed wet, they will soften very quickly.
You can soften the herbal tea or fruit juice, or just leave the bag open.

Goji of biologiquement.com shop exclusively from the NINGXIA, where we harvest the best in the world Goji (Lycium barbarum), dried in the sun and consuming nature or soften in dishes or drinks. Our Goji is not irradiated, it is 100% natural, for our customers to be sure to consume daily a product of well-being perfectly healthy.

Goji berries Biologiquement.com:

- AAA 180-220 berries / 50g
- AA 250 - 280 berries / 50g = Biologiquement.com
- A 300 - 350 berries / 50g
- B 400-450 berries / 50g
- C> 450 berries / 50

Wolfberry is grown in the temperate zones and in direct sunlight, it prefers an alkaline soil somewhat dry. Growing Goji depends mainly on the temperature difference day / night and dark water quantity. The Ningxia has the best growing conditions Goji. With long hours of sunshine and mineral waters Qinghe River are harvested in Ningxia wolfberries best in the world.
Wolfberry distributed on biologiquement.com shop is packed in 500g packs, which corresponds to a consumption of three weeks to a person.

On biologiquement.com shop, find the best quality of organic goji berries. Order safely the cheapest goji berries net. The best value of the net!

- We select Goji berries 100% natural high quality pesticide free and non-irradiated.
- Our Goji berries are produced in Ningxia that is the most suitable region of the world for its culture through its semi-desert climate and its alkaline soil.
- Several recent studies have shown that it is the Goji berries growing in the Ningxia region in China that have the highest content of therapeutic properties.
- Dried Goji berries are of the species Lycium Barbarum which is the only species subject of many scientific research that tend to prove therapeutic efficacy.
- They are in the pulp of whole Goji berries and large found valuable polysaccharides.

- Beware of Goji berries sold cheaply because they undergo treatments said irradiating promoting conservation and are also grown with pesticides.
- Goji Berries with the highest level of therapeutic properties are those that are 100% natural, whole and grown in Ningxia.
- Thus, it is advisable to focus on dried Goji berries (Lycium Barbarum) unlike those mixed or tablets.
- This superfruit recognized as very effective however, is not a panacea as some websites mention.

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