Health benefits of Desmodium adscendens leaf

Desmodium, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Desmodium, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active principles.

The therapeutic effects of organic Desmodium adscendens leaf:

• Cleans and regenerates the liver
• Detoxifies the body, degrades and evacuates toxins (natural waste, drugs, alcohol, heavy metals), ideal during or after chemotherapy
• Promotes drainage and protection of the liver from excess toxins
• Maintain hepatic balance
• Reduce visual disturbances (retinopathy, glaucoma)
• Against muscle contractures, body aches, cramps
• Lowers gamma GT naturally
• Alleviate premenstrual syndrome
• Facilitate digestion
• against intestinal gas and bloating
• Against asthma and bronchitis
• Against skin diseases, slows skin aging
• To prepare for the fast
Organic Desmodium for the well-being and protection of the liver.

Organic Desmodium adscendens, the plant for the comfort and well-being of liver functions. First-rate Detox action. Very powerful regenerative properties.

Organic Desmodium from Biologiquement is a premium extract of desmodium adscendens. It is made from a 5/1 concentrated dry extract. Highly effective, this form allows optimal preservation of the active ingredients until they are consumed.

Organic Desmodium adscendens leaves

Organic Desmodium adscendens is a plant native to the equatorial regions of Africa and Latin America. It enjoys a justified reputation in herbal medicine for its protective properties of liver function. It contains many natural active ingredients with particularly powerful hepato-regulating and hepato-protective action.

A cure of well-being and recovery:
Organic Desmodium adscendens increases the resistance of the liver and promotes the regeneration of liver cells. It promotes the recovery of the liver in case of inflammation and liver poisoning. It supports the liver in case of liver disease, taking medication, as well as during radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The liver plays an essential role in the purification and purification of the whole organism. It promotes the evacuation of toxins and neutralizes toxic substances that could harm it.

A course of organic desmodium adscendens is recommended:
In times of celebration and overeating. Indeed a regular and abnormally high consumption of added sugars, fats, dairy products, sweet or salty industrial products (enriched with mainly chemical additives) overloads the work of the liver and weakens the whole organism.

Preparing for fasting
Preparation, the key to a successful fast.
You can count on the synergy of plants to optimize your preparation for fasting.

  1. Desmodium to tone the liver
  2. The Hibiscus-Curcuma-Ginkgo biloba herbal tea synergy to facilitate the elimination and drainage of toxins
  3. Moringa leaf and Baobab fruit powder which provide mineral salts and trace elements to support cell function. They remineralize the body, cells function better and vitality increases.

In times of stress and lack of sleep, which disrupt physiological rhythms and lifestyle. States of anguish, anxiety, anger and overactivity tend to affect the functional capacities of our liver.

As soon as we experience the first symptoms of a tired or clogged liver. This hepatic fatigue most of the time generates increasingly significant digestive problems (bloating, heaviness, nausea, etc.), accompanied by headaches and bad breath. The complexion is dull and skin problems (pimples, redness, etc.) may appear. The immune system weakens, which favors the appearance of repetitive ENT infections.

The problems and discomforts associated with a weakened liver are significant. The liver is a buffer organ; all our dietary excesses, all our imbalances and all our bad habits (refined and industrial sugars, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.) affect it directly. A regenerative cure is often essential to limit the damage we cause to it.

The most detrimental factors for the well-being of the liver are:
Significant exposure to chemicals. These substances are increasingly present in our environment and in our industrialized food (pesticides, preservatives, flavor enhancers, highly refined products, synthetic flavors, chemical vitamins, etc.). We also consume an increasing number of drugs that overload the liver, not to mention those that directly harm the liver (painkillers, birth control pills, antidepressants, sleeping pills, antibiotics, etc.).

A consumption of sweet and savory industrial dishes (prepared meals, desserts, sauces, etc.), a diet that is too rich in dairy products, bad fats, cold meats and poor quality red meats, clogs our body and greatly weakens our liver functions.

The now systematic addition of sugar, such as fructose, in all industrial foods, is particularly detrimental to the health of our liver and our body in general. Manufacturers put it everywhere, both to hide the mediocre quality of the raw materials used, but also to satisfy our taste buds and make us dependent on their tastes. These added industrial sugars are so refined and concentrated that they act as real toxins. Along with the rise in the amount of added sugars in industrial foods, the epidemics of obesity and diabetes follow the same trend: a steady increase. Now it is the turn of the liver to suffer the consequences of this overconsumption. Cirrhosis of the liver, linked to sugar, is on the rise.

Desmodium capsules were the subject of a 2014 hospital study on alcoholics. This collection of data carried out in the pharmaceutical biotechnology department of the University of Siena (in Italy), with forty alcoholic volunteers aged 17 to 73 (in a group of twenty-two alcoholics anonymous), lasted two months.

Participants received 2 capsules 3 times a day, or about 6 capsules per day. They were followed biologically by blood tests carried out every 15 days, measuring gamma GT, transaminases, alkaline phosphatases, bilirubin and albumin.

After two weeks, four patients had returned to biological standards. At the end of the two months, the markers fell on average by:
– GGT: 87%
– SGOT: 75%
– SGPT: 82%
– PhAlc: 56%
– Bili: 69%

Compared to the control group, the two most important values ​​in the event of alcoholism (GGT and SGOT) fell in one month respectively 3 and 4 times more in patients taking organic Desmodium in capsules.

These results obtained in highly intoxicated patients show the extent to which this plant can regenerate liver cells and restore its parameters.

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