All about organic bromelain

Bromélaïne, le laboratoire Biologiquement des plantes rares riches en principes actifs.
Bromelain, the laboratory Biologically rare plants rich in active ingredients.

Derived from the pineapple stem, organic bromelain, also called proteolytic enzyme, has long been exploited for its medical attributes.

Once used to aid digestion and remedy skin disorders, organic bromelain is now part of countless research studies in Europe, Asia and the United States. Although its mechanisms of action are only just beginning to be understood, numerous studies have suggested that the proteolytic component of organic bromelain is mainly responsible for several beneficial therapeutic effects, without toxicity or side effects. In particular, organic bromelain has anti-edematous, anticoagulant and antistatic properties. It is also marketed as an anti-inflammatory supplement for several types of arthritis. In recent years, it has become one of the best-selling adjunctive treatments for swelling of the nose and sinuses, following injury or surgery. It is also on the list of substances generally recognized as safe.

La bromélaïne broméline une enzyme extraite de la tige d’ananas traitement naturel du cancer
Bromelain bromelain an enzyme extracted from pineapple stem natural cancer treatment

Organic bromelain is mainly found in the stem of pineapple Presentation of organic bromelain

Organic bromelain comprises a complex alliance of proteolytic enzymes containing sulfhydrils, in addition to a number of non-specific components (acid phosphatase, glucosidase, peroxidase, cellulase, glycoproteins and carbohydrates). Organic bromelain extract also contains proteinase inhibitors consisting of iso-inhibitors and organically bound calcium.

In an aqueous solution, organic bromelain deteriorates rapidly by self-digestion. Commercial preparations of organic bromelain are evaluated according to their proteolytic activities. Organic bromelain is prepared from the juice of the pineapple stem cooled by centrifugation, ultrafiltration and freeze-drying. The process gives a yellowish powder whose enzymatic activity is determined with different substrates such as casein, gelatin or chromogenic tripeptides.

Absorption and bioavailability

The body can absorb a significant amount of organic bromelain (about 12g/day) without major side effects. Opinions on the absorption and bioavailability of organic bromelain are considered controversial because proteolytic enzymes tend to be inactivated quickly (eg, by α2-macroglobulin (AMG) and α1-antitrypsin). The first point of view that tends to suggest that it is absorbed and bioavailable in humans is based on the fact that organic bromelain has a pharmacological action in vivo. In fact, organic bromelain can be used as an alternative to a number of medications, probably because it retains enzyme activity in plasma. The second view that suggests organic bromelain is absorbed and bioavailable is based on animal experiments which show that the absorption of organic bromelain crude extract in rabbits is up to 40%. Evidence suggests that plasma anti-proteinases decrease the activity of bio bromelain in vivo, but do not eliminate it completely and that bio bromelain is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in an intact form.

Mode of action of organic bromelain

Organic bromelain is stable between pH3 and pH6, with an optimal hydrogen potential between 5 and 7. Once organic bromelain is combined with its substrate, it is no longer likely to change the pH. Organic bromelain exhibits maximum enzymatic activity at a temperature of 62°C, although activity is present between approximately 45°C and 75°C. Cysteine ​​acts as an activator of organic bromelain and silver and copper metal ions are inhibitors. Organic Bromelain breaks down the protein structure of most common proteins including gelatin, casein, gluten, collagen, muscle fibers and albumin.

Assuming the protein fraction is absorbed intact from the intestine, the proteolytic activity of organic bromelain can have enormous benefits for human health. Its purported benefits include blood clot-dissolving, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory fibrinolytic activity, as well as immuno-modulation by stimulation of the release of various cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor-α and l interleukin 1, 6 and 8.

Bromelain: The different therapeutic virtues

Organic bromelain against swelling and redness

Organic bromelain has been approved in Europe as an effective treatment for post-surgical swelling. It can reduce bruising, speed up healing time and eliminate the discomfort that follows surgery.

A double-blind study of over 150 women who underwent episiotomies during childbirth found that women who received large doses of oral oral bromelain over a 3-day period, beginning 4 hours after the childbirth, experienced a huge decrease in swelling and discomfort. 90% of women taking the supplement showed excellent recovery compared to 44% of women in the placebo group.

Organic Bromelain to boost overall immune strength

Organic bromelain boosts the immune system Organic bromelain has proven its effectiveness in improving and especially in strengthening the general immune response of the body. This is very beneficial in situations where it might be weakened such as in the case of patients suffering from immunodeficiency.

A German clinical study, carried out on 16 patients suffering from breast cancer, proved that oral supplementation with organic bromelain could help stimulate immune function in these women. Other studies suggest that it may also increase the amount of cytokines (immune system hormones made in white blood cells). Recent studies even suggest that it may help reduce some common side effects of cancer, linked to diminished immunity.

Organic bromelain against cancer

In addition to being an adjuvant in the treatment of lung cancer, organic bromelain affects malignant peritoneal mesothelioma (MPM), when suffering from a rare type of cancer, induced by exposure to asbestos. According to the results of the study published in the journal Anticancer Drugs, the addition of organic bromelain increased the death of cancer cells by the phenomenon of cytotoxicity, and this significantly. It therefore has the potential to be developed as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of malignant cancer.

Recent preclinical and pharmacological results support the use of bio bromelain as an orally administered drug, for complementary tumor therapy: it acts as an immunomodulator by increasing the impaired immunocytotoxicity of monocytes against tumor cells of patients and inducing the production of distinct cytokines, such as tumor necrosis factor and interleukins. Furthermore, reports on animal experiments are particularly promising and claim antimetastatic efficacy and inhibition of platelet aggregation associated with metastasis, as well as inhibition of tumor cell growth and invasiveness.

Organic bromelain against joint pain

Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving characteristics, organic bromelain is fantastic for acute or chronic joint pain. The journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published a research trial that evaluated 42 osteoarthritis patients with degenerative spine or painful conditions. In this study, patients were given two 650mg organic bromelain capsules 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach (depending on whether they had acute or chronic pain) and the pain was found to decrease to 60% for acute situations and more than 50% for chronic disorders.

In another study, volunteers with knee pain were randomly divided into two groups. Each group received a daily dose of organic bromelain; 200mg for the first and 400mg for the second. In both groups the pain decreased significantly and more significantly in the group that took the highest dose. Patients also noticed a decrease in stiffness in the knee and an improvement in their general physical functioning.

Organic bromelain to promote digestion

Organic Bromelain Eases Digestive Disorders Organic bromelain from pineapple can relieve stomach upset and diarrhea, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center, because it's an enzyme that specifically digests protein. This substance helps to absorb nutrients more efficiently, while being extremely effective in preventing and curing diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, ulcers, dyspepsia, colon cancer, constipation, Crohn's disease, etc.). Organic bromelain has even been used as a digestive enzyme after pancreatectomy, in several cases of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Organic bromelain is able to replace some proteolytic enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin, in the event that these are not secreted in adequate quantities, or when the pancreas shows low activity. It has also been shown to increase the percentage of radioactive sulfur assimilation by half and by 30 to 90% that of glucosamine. This allows faster recovery of the gastric mucosa that covers the stomach.

Organic bromelain to reinforce the action of antibiotics

Organic bromelain has shown its effectiveness in improving the action of antibiotics, by increasing tissue permeability to antibiotics. Organic bromelain has been shown to improve the activity of antibiotics in children with sepsis. Sha-hid et al. observed a statistically significant decrease in the number of days it took for fever and for withdrawal of hemodynamic support in children who received antibiotics with Phlogenzym compared to children who received antibiotic therapy alone.

Organic bromelain can transform the accessibility of certain organs and tissues to certain drugs. Treatment of 18 women with 80 mg of organic bromelain and amoxycillin or tetracycline (taken together) resulted in elevated serum concentrations of both antibiotics in the uterus and ovaries, compared to the control group. This indicates that organic bromelain has an activity that stimulates the absorption and distribution of antibiotics in the tissues.

Organic bromelain: dosage and dosage

What dosage and posology?

Gradually increase the doses of organic bromelain It should be noted that organic bromelain is in no way an alternative treatment to the usual treatments. It is complementary and increases the chances of recovery for sick people.
It is recommended to take 500mg, three times a day on an empty stomach (at least 90 minutes before or three hours after food. For children 6 to 12 years old, it is recommended to take half the quoted dose .

It is preferable to start with a small dosage (1 to 2 capsules/day) and to increase the dose slowly up to 3 or 6 capsules/day in order to check the good tolerance of the treatment. It is also advisable to opt for a supplement designed with gastro-resistant capsules.

It is desirable to associate it with a daily intake of fruits rich in Vitamin C such as baobab fruit powder Baomix.

Contraindications and side effects of organic bromelain

Some people are sensitive to organic bromelain and may develop allergic reactions or itching. If this is the case after administration of a supplement, its use should be discontinued.

How to obtain “organic bromelain” or the most organic possible?

In this case, special attention must be paid to the criteria that we can consider to be organic:

Was "organic bromelain" extracted from a pineapple from organic farming?

Does the product contain heavy metals and GMOs?

How was it extracted?

The Biologiquement brand offers a bromelain extracted with water from organic pineapple and can therefore be considered as an "organic bromelain"

Where to buy organic and pure bromelain?

Pure organic Bromelain from the Biologiquement® laboratory is considered to be the best on the market The modern diet adopted by most of us consists of consuming foods that are cooked or processed in one way or another, and the few raw foods that we eat do not contain enough enzymes to process that particular food. However, our body must produce a maximum of digestive enzymes that we need, hence the importance of using additional enzymes to help in the digestive process. Especially since this constant biological need for enzymes depletes our natural reserves and lowers our enzymatic stock. Age is also a non-negligible factor in the reduction of enzyme production. It is therefore necessary to choose an organic Bromelain with the highest possible enzymatic activity (expressed in GDU/g: Gelatin Digestive Unit per gram).

If mainly, its primary purpose is to improve digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory, its virtues are now numerous and illustrated. Especially in case of diet, in order to lose weight, thanks to its action against cellulite. It is clearly both a food supplement operating in the context of fitness and to treat various ailments.

Among the various formulas presented on the market, pure organic bromelain from the Biologiquement® laboratory brand stands out for the purity of its 100% vegan components, free of GMOs, excipients or phthalate derivatives (gastro-resistant coating used for drugs) . In addition, its enzymatic activity is greater than 5000 GDU/g, which represents the highest degree of purity and activity to date.

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