The health benefits of organic Baobab Baoil oil

The therapeutic effects of Baobab Baoil organic oil:


• Regenerating
• Adoucissante
• Nourrissante
• Apaisante
• Cicatrisante
• Embellissante
• Antioxydante
• Prévenir l’apparition des rides

Care inner wellbeing : Baobab oil has a strong antioxidant power because it contains many tocopherols.

Care External welfare : Baobab oil repairs and heals burns, chapping and brittle nails. It is used as a nourishing balm for the body but especially as a preventive care against stretch marks. A few drops of Baobab oil in the bath are enough to soften the skin.
For hair care, organic Baobab oil is used in the form of nourishing and beautifying oils and balms. Baobab oil brings its benefits to dry and damaged ends when applied in the form of serums.

It is obtained by cold pressing the seeds contained in the fruit, simply decanted and filtered without any other treatment or additive.
Extremely fluid, organic baobab oil is a dry oil, quickly absorbed by the skin, it does not leave a greasy film.
It is recommended for dry skin: nourishing, emollient and softening, it restores suppleness and softness to the skin.
Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an oil particularly indicated for sensitive or irritated skin, scabs, acne, psoriasis.
Recognized as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory in the traditional pharmacopoeia, baobab oil relieves contractures and muscle pain.
In cosmetics, it is used in the composition of beauty creams, soaps or shampoos.
Very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, baobab oil is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals.

How can baobab oil limit your stretch marks?
Enceinte, vous avez peur des vergetures ? Vous avez raison, car c’est le bon moment pour les prévenir ! Et l’huile de baobab peut parfaitement vous y aider. Issue de l’arbre du même nom, elle nous vient d’Afrique et de Madagascar. C’est une huile rare et précieuse : un même arbre n’en produit en effet qu’un seul litre par an…

Application of Baoil organic baobab oil

Very nourishing, baobab vegetable oil improves the quality of your skin and makes it more elastic: stronger, it will resist better the tension generated by weight gain on risk areas (belly, thighs, breasts… ).

Are the red or white stretch marks already there? Restorative, baobab oil promotes the regeneration of skin tissue. It can therefore allow you to significantly improve the appearance of your skin. But stretch marks are deep tears in the dermis: despite massages, do not expect their complete disappearance!

How to use baobab oil for stretch marks?
Pour prévenir l’apparition des vergetures, il vous suffit de masser l’huile de baobab sur votre peau, matin et soir, pendant toute la durée de votre grossesse.

Composition : Fatty acids: 0.2% myristic acid, 0.1% pentadecanoic acid, 23.1% palmitic acid, 0.3% palmitoleic acid, 0.2% margaric acid, 0.4% heptadecenoic acid, 4.5% stearic acid, oleic acid (omega 9) 33.1%, linoleic acid (omega 6) 31%, alphalinolenic acid 0.3%, arachidic acid 1%, gadoleic acid 0.2%, behenic acid 0.4%, tricosanoic acid 0.1%, lignoceric acid 0.2%, other fatty acids 5.1%

retention : Keep the Baobab oil in its opaque bottle protected from light, tightly closed protected from air, heat (temperature below 25 ° C).

certification : 100% from organic farming, guaranteed quality and traceability.

Origin: Senegal

Application advice : apply Baobab oil on the whole face or all parts of the body, the hydrolipidic film is reconstituted naturally. This film helps preserve the water contained in the epidermis. Softness and softness guaranteed.

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