The leaves of graviola organic soursop can destroy many cancer cells

Soursop fruit, soursop bio is known especially for its unique flavor and very important nutritional intake. Also called Guanabana or Graviola, soursop grows in tropical regions of Africa, America (Amazonia) and Asia.

It must be said that nature has not finished surprising us with all the benefits it brings us. More than a fruit, organic soursop is known for its myriad medicinal properties. But, apart from the delicious taste of its fruit, soursop can be used for various therapeutic treatments. Use may especially its leaves, bark, its roots and seeds of the fruit to prevent and treat various diseases!

1- most powerful treatment that chemo therapy

The leaves of the soursop bio can eliminate many cancer cells. Indeed, the treatment of cancer with soursop leaf organic would be 1000 times more effective than chemotherapy!

Moreover, an in vitro study has proven antiproliferative efficacy and its ability to destroy apoptosis in a large speed V. In addition, the treatment is without side effects and much cheaper than chemotherapy.

La tisane ou décoction de feuilles de graviola corossol est un anticancer naturel
The infusion or decoction of leaves of soursop graviola is a natural anti-cancer

To do this, boil water and put a few leaves of soursop graviola organic. You will then get a green solution that will let cool for a few minutes. Once cooled, you can drink your bio soursop leaf tea.

2- To treat a urinary tract infection

The tea decoction and leaves corossol bio may also cure urinary tract infections by destroying bacteria in the urinary system organs (bladder, kidney, urinary tract).

3- To relieve rheumatism

You can use the leaves of organic soursop to alleviate the pain caused by rheumatism. To do this, crush the leaves in boiling water, then apply twice daily dough on the swollen part of your body to relieve pain.

4- Efficacy against gout

By regularly consuming herbal tea bio soursop leaves, you can remove uric acid accumulated in your blood. Moreover, the leaves can be used as a poultice on the affected area to relieve pain associated with the disease.

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