Soursop fruit, soursop bio is known especially for its unique flavor and very important nutritional intake. Also called Guanabana or Graviola, soursop grows in tropical regions of Africa, America (Amazonia) and Asia.

It must be said that nature has not finished surprising us with all the benefits it brings us. More than a fruit, organic soursop is known for its myriad medicinal properties. But, apart from the delicious taste of its fruit, soursop can be used for various therapeutic treatments. Use may especially its leaves, bark, its roots and seeds of the fruit to prevent and treat various diseases!

1- most powerful treatment that chemo therapy

The leaves of the soursop bio can eliminate many cancer cells. Indeed, the treatment of cancer with soursop leaf organic would be 1000 times more effective than chemotherapy!

Moreover, an in vitro study has proven antiproliferative efficacy and its ability to destroy apoptosis in a large speed V. In addition, the treatment is without side effects and much cheaper than chemotherapy.

La tisane ou décoction de feuilles de graviola corossol est un anticancer naturel
The infusion or decoction of leaves of soursop graviola is a natural anti-cancer

To do this, boil water and put a few leaves of soursop graviola organic. You will then get a green solution that will let cool for a few minutes. Once cooled, you can drink your bio soursop leaf tea.

2- To treat a urinary tract infection

The tea decoction and leaves corossol bio may also cure urinary tract infections by destroying bacteria in the urinary system organs (bladder, kidney, urinary tract).

3- To relieve rheumatism

You can use the leaves of organic soursop to alleviate the pain caused by rheumatism. To do this, crush the leaves in boiling water, then apply twice daily dough on the swollen part of your body to relieve pain.

4- Efficacy against gout

By regularly consuming herbal tea bio soursop leaves, you can remove uric acid accumulated in your blood. Moreover, the leaves can be used as a poultice on the affected area to relieve pain associated with the disease.

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16 Commentaires sur “The leaves of graviola organic soursop can destroy many cancer cells"

    • David Hervy says:

      here are natural products that we recommend for the natural treatment of leukemia.
      - Spirulina capsules
      In their research on leukemia, Chinese scientists and researchers have shown that phycocyanin was on the production of stem cells that are the basis of blood formation. Spirulina helps to normalize the number of white blood cells (leukocytes) and prevent disease progression. Medicine currently often use bone marrow transplantation to normalize this production of white blood cells, whereas phycocyanin can be proactive and avoid a heavy response. This action on stem cells brings great hope in the treatment of leukemia.
      - Aloe Vera capsules
      This is a best natural cure for leukemia that serves excellent blood purifier. Some scientific studies have also shown that Aloe Vera is also used detoxifying blood.
      - Curcumin organic turmeric capsules
      Curcumin is a turmeric component which is very effective in the treatment of leukemia. It has anti-cancer property that kills all types of cancer causing cells. This induces apoptosis which is the self-destruction of cancer cells causing. Hence curcumin used natural cure for leukemia.
      - Organic Green Tea capsules
      Using green tea is a very simple and effective cure for leukemia. It contains a compound called catechins that stops the proliferation of cancer cells and induces apoptosis. Consuming green tea with turmeric produces effective results.
      Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have discovered that a component in green tea helps kill cells of the most common leukemia in the United States.
      Research using laboratory cell cultures shows that a component of green tea, known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) [epi-gallo-cat-ekin-3-gal-ate] helps kill leukemia cells by interrupting the communication signals they need to survive.
      - Ginseng capsules
      Ginseng is a very effective compound that has anti-leukemia property that fights against cancer. It not only prevents leukemia, but also destroyed the leukemic cells.
      - The sheet of soursop graviola
      This plant is native to China, is used in the treatment of various types of cancer. In cases of leukemia, promotes apoptosis. In China it is used as a traditional way of treating cancer. This is the appropriate natural cure for leukemia in this country.
      - The White Blackberry
      This type of fruit that has up to 40% antioxidant properties is effective in treating cancer. This cancer cures by affecting cancer cells and the genes that are responsible for cancer.
      - Dandelion root
      Dandelion root has been used in China for centuries for certain types of cancer (leukemia), liver problems, kidney and gaps.
      Dandelion root extracts are cytotoxic to three types of human leukemia cells tested, killing up to 96% of CSA cells.
      - The bark of Lapacho
      Lapacho is a tree that is found in the jungles of South America. It is the only tree of these regions is completely immune against infection from fungi, so successfully it is used for all fungal infections (Candida Albican), parasitic, bacterial and viral. Reports from the Inca Indians of South America, the inner bark of the Lapacho has been used for centuries to treat cancer and many other diseases. According to experts in exotic traditional remedies, one should not think that the capacity of Lapacho are limited to cancer, it has proven effective to eliminate free radicals, reduce pain and inflammation in rheumatic and arthritic problems. In addition, it contains sixteen quinones that have proven effective in the treatment of anemia, leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, Parkinson's disease, arteriosclerosis, gastric problems, colitis, polyps, inflammation of the reproductive system , vaginal discharge, cystitis, prostatitis, and skin problems such as lupus, eczema and psoriasis.
      - The nigella seeds
      Malaysian researchers noted in a 2013 study, there is a growing interest in the use of natural compounds of traditional medicine that have anti-cancer potential. Nigella sativa is one of the most widely studied plants. This annual plant grows in countries bordering the Mediterranean and India.
      The thymoquinone is an isolated active ingredient of Nigella sativa. The anti-cancer effect thymoquinone, by the induction of apoptosis resulting from mitochondrial dysfunction was evaluated in a cell line of acute leukemia. The researchers found that treatment of leukemia cells with thymoquinone promotes apoptosis caused a cell death. These results indicate that the thymoquinone black seeds could be a promising agent for the treatment of leukemia.
      - Wormwood
      Previous research on leukemia cells have yielded significant results. They were eliminated in just eight hours. The iron concentration of leukemia cells could explain these results. They may, in fact, have an iron concentration 1000 times higher than normal cells.
      The anticancer activity of artemisinin was also tested against 55 cancer cell lines to the National Cancer Institute of the United States. Artemisinin was more active against the leukemia cell lines and colon cancer. More promising still, the high activity of artemisinin against leukemia cell lines resistant to drugs. Other cancer cell lines indicating some reaction to the activity of artemisinin included melanoma, breast, prostate, kidneys and central nervous system such as glioblastoma and neuroblastoma.

      All these products are available on the store
      Looking forward to serving you

  1. Bourlier says:

    I made a complete assessment and my TSH is not good, I have to redo a control in 3 months. I have to go see a cardiologist.
    what do you recommend in the meantime, I have 51 years so the disadvantages of ménopose beginning ... ..retention, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, stress ... ..
    thank you waiting for your advice

    • David Hervy says:

      graviola soursop leaf can balance these malfunctions due to age, but we advise you to associate it with the maca powder or capsules.
      Maca from Peru is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
      Known as "Menopause the plant", maca has toning properties and fight against fatigue and low energy.
      In the case of PMS, this plant helps regulate menstrual disorders and to fight against vaginal dryness.
      As an alternative to hormone therapy natural, organic Maca root acts as a hormonal stimulant and prevents the onset of hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.
      What is surprising about organic Maca root is that it contains natural substances that stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary; while stimulating the ovaries and thyroid to rejuvenate; so, some doctors advise maca during:
      Premenopause: Organic Maca root has been used before menopause to combat the symptoms associated with perimenopause. Women who have irregular menstrual cycles use it to correct the normal cycle; and, organic Maca root effectively combats mood swings, vaginal dryness and decreased sexual desire. Women who are in perimenopause, generally need a lower dose (1500 MG, 1 teaspoon of maca powder or 4 capsules) in order to reduce PMS-related hormonal imbalance. Women, who are already beginning to take Maca organic root during pre menopause complain less at the beginning and during menopause.
      Menopause: Organic Maca root can be a safe and natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). First, women need a higher dose to fight the unpleasant effects of menopause (such as vaginal dryness, dry skin, hot flashes and sweats, etc.). The woman at this stage should take about 2500-5000 MG (a maca powder scoop daily or 6 capsules). No product is a panacea, but the results of organic Maca root are amazing. Many women already experience relief after the first week and then related to menopause symptoms are only decrease. The doctors who advise taking maca during this stage are becoming more numerous.
      Post-Menopause: Women who are in the post-menopause should take a minor dose Organic Maca root also. The organic Maca root use can be beneficial, because the organic Maca root slows the aging process, keeps the skin young and has a preventive effect against vaginal dryness and atrophy. Organic Maca root also strengthens bones, is rich in minerals such as calcium and iron. For this reason, Maca is used to fight osteoporosis, not only in Peru but also throughout the world today.
      Looking forward to serving you

  2. read says:

    I have a problem of hypothyroidism Is Maca root might help? Also very tired depression and what can I please take thank you.

    • David Hervy says:

      The medicinal and nutritional uses of Moringa include: anemia and undernutrition, inflammatory pain and arthritis, asthma, heart problems and high blood pressure, digestive and bowel, headaches, kidney stones, the fluid retention, bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal and thyroid disorders. And more …
      The moringa leaf exerts a regulatory action on the thyroid gland. And in vivo studies demonstrated that we methanol extract of the leaves have protective effects against radiation.
      Moringa leaves contain amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids that can not be synthesized by the body. Therefore, we must find them through diet or supplements.

      Phenylalanine content in the organic Moringa leaf plays a role in the nervous system, particularly by stimulating the thyroid gland, alleviating pain, participating in the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters. It is also considered as an intellectual stimulant.
      The natural product that can also help you much, it is the maca (Lepidium meyenii)
      This is a plant that grows in the Peruvian Andes and whose medicinal properties have been known for over 5000 years.
      Recent research shows that maca has a stimulating effect on the pituitary and hypothalamus, which explains its significant role in the proper functioning of other endocrine glands such as the ovaries, testes, adrenal glands, pancreas and the thyroid gland.
      The anti-fatigue effects of maca occur quickly (within 72 hours) and the increase of energy is due to the regulatory action that maca acts on the thyroid gland.
      We offer the maca organic shop in bags of 100g or capsules.
      Looking forward to serving you

  3. vahineriidoudoute says:

    For cancer of the breast, can be combined Graviola and Artemisia annua ... I ordered the two capsules. Thank you

    • David Hervy says:

      All Biologically laboratory products are compatible and complementary, they were also selected because they do not interact with chemical treatments.
      Both products are compatible and complementary in the fight against cancer.
      We advise against breast cancer, adding capsaicin extracted from capsules chili, you will find this product on the store.
      Looking forward to serving you

  4. vahineriidoudoute says:

    I would like dosage capsules of Artemisia annua and capsules Graviola taken simultaneously. Thank you

    • David Hervy says:

      We advise you to respect the doses indicated on bags.
      With natural products is the regularity that imports and less quantity.
      The minimum dosage indicated on the bags corresponds to the prevention and the maximum dosage for treatment.
      Looking forward to serving you

  5. Céline ROGER says:

    I like to know what to take after the removal of two breasts quite to cancer.
    proposal chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy after as carefully to all halted if où.j'ai a week to decide me for taking rv for chemotherapy.
    that you advise me to take instead of the 3 treatments.

    • David Hervy says:

      Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have carcinogenic effects that can cause a second cancer years later. These effects are explained by the mode of action of these therapies that are effective at the tumor that because of their toxicity. There is no model to predict the long-term toxicity.

      The question therefore arises secondary cancers possibly induced by radiotherapy. Although progress has been made with the use of electrons and heavier particles, as well as brachytherapy, no technique can currently restrict irradiation only tumor tissue.

      Cancer treatment in Europe has become a big industry. In fact, the cancer industry is too prosperous to allow healing. It takes people like customers instead of patients. Believe it or not, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are the two cancer treatments most commonly used, have been found to promote cancer.
      Although cancer can be survived, conventional treatments used causing irreparable harm notably the appearance of secondary cancer.
      Secondary cancers are not linked to cancers, but they can be caused by the same agents or imbalances that led to the development of the first cancerous situation. Doctors often refer to the risk of second cancer as "friendly fire" which is the treatment for cancer leading to the initiation of the second cancer.
      Chemotherapy works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells and dividing very rapidly. The problem with this treatment is that it also affects healthy cells. The risk of secondary cancer depends on the dose and duration of treatment. AML (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) are the two most common cancers associated with treatment with chemotherapy.
      The long-term survival rate of chemotherapy patients are greatly exaggerated because most of these patients eventually die from diseases unrelated to the original cancer, but treatment-related.
      The chemotherapy agents (especially alkylating agents) are known to cause other cancers including leukemia, and many of these drugs fall into this category. The alkylating agents directly damage DNA in all cells. These agents are not specific to a phase; in other words, they are active in all phases of the cell cycle. As these drugs damage DNA, they can harm long-term bone marrow and therefore affect future immunity. With these products are at risk of developing a secondary cancer in low noise but its diagnosis is inevitable. Studies have indicated that the risk begins to increase about two years after treatment, it is the highest between 5 and 10 years. This is the reason of death of patients with chemotherapy between 10 and 15 years after treatment.

      Radiation therapy may increase the risk of developing cancer in most people. The varieties of secondary cancers with radiation therapy are vast, but consist mainly leukemias and sarcomas. These cases usually turn after radiation exposure with a risk of peak five to ten years after. Again, most patients following radiotherapy develop secondary cancers in connection with the treatment and not as the consequence of the original cancer. The radiation-induced cancers have exploded in the last twenty years since there has been a resurgence of this kind of treatment, often following chemotherapy.

      Other cancers are also associated with radiotherapy. Tumors can develop at the site of the area exposed to radiation or close, even a decade or more after treatment. These risks appear to be higher in certain areas of the body, such as breasts and thyroid. In some cases, the age at radiotherapy will play a role. For example young patients with breast cancer patients are more likely to develop a secondary cancer therapy rays than older patients.

      To prevent recurrence, the key is to strengthen the metabolism to help cope with the disease, herbal medicine, exercise and a balanced diet are the keys to a rapid and lasting healing.
      It's your body that most effectively fight the disease.
      You can take antitumor (anticancer) as soursop graviola leaf, artemisia annua, lapacho, capsaicin, bromelain, green tea, green coffee and dandelion root ...
      At the same time to strengthen your immune system (blood and also very important intestinal flora), you can take the goji berry, powder baobab Baomix, moringa, spirulina, maca ...
      Finally to address the side effects of chemotherapy you desmodium (excellent for the liver when the liver is well hopefully), red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, bilberry ...
      The man for millions of years in nature products to cope with the disease, whether infectious or tumor.
      With our support

  6. Hélène kUTA says:

    Bravo pour ce dernier article !
    Cancer du sein depuis 20 ans : première petite tumeur de 4mm traitée par chirurgie et radiothérapie, récidive et découverte d’une tumeur de 7 cm cinq ans après qui ne se voyait à aucun examen (je pèse 50 kg et n’ai pas une grosse masse graisseuse !) : chimio, ablation du sein et non acceptation du traitement hormono dépendant qui me rendait malade. Découverte d’une petite tumeur 7 ans après lors de la reconstruction : refus de quelque traitement que ce soit. A nouveau découverte de tumeurs autour de la prothèse début 2017. Je refuse le traitement hormono dépendant qui me rend malade.
    Je prends depuis 10 mois des racines de pissenlit, du lapacho et enfin j’ai trouvé votre site où je peux m’approvisionner en armoise annua, j’aurais aimé que vous vendiez du lapacho en écorces et des racines de pissenlit en écorces (c’est bon au goût).
    Le dernier scanner et scintigraphie indique que les tumeurs n’ont pas bougées (elles se sont nécrosées) mais j’aimerais qu’elles disparaissent (ce qui d’après ma chirurgienne oncologue) devrait se produire avec le traitement hormono dépendant. Je ne prends Artemisia annua que depuis 2 mois ! Je vais prendre les feuilles de Corrossol en plus (est-ce que cela ne fait pas trop pour le foie ?). J’ai remplacé le traitement chimique hormono dépendant par du Calcium DGlucarate inhibiteur d’oestrogènes et je prends aussi de l’Acide R Lipoïque.
    Merci de me donner votre avis !
    Hélène Kuta

    • David Hervy says:

      Merci pour votre message, nous ne faisons pas la racine de pissenlit et l’écorce de lapacho en vrac car la préparation de la décoction et assez fastidieuse.
      Vous pouvez tout à fait complémenter votre traitement anticancer avec la feuille de Graviola corossol cela n’aura pas d’incidence sur l’état de santé de votre foie.
      Si vous avez déjà subi de la chimiothérapie, il est tout de même conseillé de prendre du Desmodium pour régénérer votre foie qui a obligatoirement subit des dégâts pour synthétiser et éliminer toute cette chimie.
      Si vous voulez vous débarrasser une bonne fois pour toute de ce cancer, il est important dans un premier temps de ne pas continuer la chimiothérapie, malheureusement la rechute fait partie du protocole.
      Vous pouvez utiliser les amandes amères d’abricot riche en vitamine B-17 pour aussi éviter toutes rechutes.
      Le cancer du sein ou la rechute et souvent dû à des pratiques quotidiennes qui ne sont pas adaptées à la physiologie du sein. Dans un premier temps nous vous conseillons d’arrêter toute utilisation de déodorant chimique, et d’utiliser des produits naturels tels que la pierre d’alun.
      Toutes les matières chimiques exposé à la peau près du sein se concentrent dans ce dernier.
      Les produits chimiques se concentrent dans les tissus gras du corps tel que le sein, une fois engorgé, le corps est obligé de les isoler dans des grosseurs, qui tourne souvent au cancer.
      Enfin nous vous conseillons de ne pas utiliser de soutien-gorge avec des baleines, ces dernières coupent la circulation lymphatique indispensable à la bonne santé du sein.
      L’idéal si vous voulez une belle poitrine, et en forme, c’est d’utiliser au minimum les soutiens-gorge, et quand vous en mettez, utiliser des soutien-gorge sans baleine, style soutien-gorge de sport.
      Looking forward to serving you
      Biologically laboratory team

  7. Milène says:

    Bonjour, que conseilleriez-vous pour un homme, 74 ans, cancer de la prostate stade III découvert en 2015, traité par radiothérapie pendant 2 mois, mucothérapie et hormonothérapie pendant 3 ans? PSA à 0 pendant plus de 18 mois commence à grimper très lentement depuis 2 mois. Merci énormément. Bien à vous, Milène

    • David Hervy says:

      Merci pour votre message, pour combattre un cancer naturellement, nous vous conseillons d’associer la feuille de graviola, la racine de pissenlit, les noyaux d’abricot amères, du desmodium pour prévenir la destruction du foie par la chimio (mais pas en sirop, il faut consommer le produit naturel, en poudre ou gélules), le curcuma, de la capsaïcine et la poudre de baobab bio pour le fer, la vitalité et le système immunitaire.
      All these products are compatible with chemo.
      For complete healing takes time, the disease took time to settle, it takes time for her to leave.
      Generally a cure is to last 3 months, you can then make a therapeutic break for a week and resume.
      But it depends on your general condition.
      We advise you to respect the doses indicated on bags (minimum dose for prevention, maximum dose recommended for healing).
      With natural products is the regularity that imports and less quantity.
      All Biologically laboratory products are compatible and complementary, they were also selected because they do not interact with chemical treatments.
      At the same time we have to stop everything causes cancer, sugar (everything except sweet organic honey and fruit), the meat, which is loaded with hormones, chemicals ingested by the animal antibiotics ... and dairy products that are fat, that concentrate more these carcinogens.
      Eat up of raw fruits and vegetables.
      It should also force you to do exercises every day.
      The laboratory team Biologically

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