Organic Goji Greenfood: food called "longevity fruit" in China

La baie de goji bio Greenfood séchée et cultivée biologiquement

The goji berry certified organic Greenfood. This food called "longevity fruit" in China, would somehow be the miracle food. Is this reputation deserved?

Lycium barbarum: the scientific name of the goji

According to a comprehensive work published in 2010 in the journal Planta Medica, organic goji berries Greenfood contain many nutrients.
This fruit, whose scientific name is Lycium barbarum, contains antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin), complex polysaccharides, fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

Fruit: the benefits of organic goji Greenfood

To study the benefits of goji, American scientists conducted a working double-blind against placebo.
So for two weeks, they collected the feeling of volunteers for their general well-being, psychological health, intestinal comfort ...

After fifteen days, the subjects of the group "goji" reported better results for their energy level, their athletic performance, sleep quality, ease of arousal, ability to concentrate ...
For the authors, "the goji berry bio Greenfood well reinforces the feeling of good health."
Problem, this data is inherently subjective. "Further research is indicated to confirm and deepen knowledge about the potential effects of Lycium barbarum on human health. "

La baie de goji bio Greenfood séchée et cultivée biologiquement
Bay wolfberry organic dried and cultivated biologically Greenfood

Another work was conducted in 2011. The researchers demonstrated that supplementation with goji berry bio Greenfood protects the accumulation of small whitish deposits (or "soft drusen") in the macula in the elderly, protecting them from the macular degeneration (AMD).
According to them, the presence of a certain antioxidant (zeaxanthin) would be heavily involved.

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