Differences between the bitter almond apricot and almond

How to differentiate between the two bitter almond varieties rich in vitamin B17 anti cancer and almond.

The almond is the fruit of the almond tree, tree of the Rosaceae family, such as apple, pear or peach. There are sweet almond, Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis and the bitter almond, Prunus amygdalus var. amara (amygdalae AMARAE).

Visually, these two varieties of almonds are difficult to distinguish.
Here's the best description we can do to differentiate the variety of sweet almond almond tree that produces bitter almonds rich in vitamin B17.
Stem 8 to 10 meters, droite.Feuilles shorter than those of fish, alternate, stalked, narrow, pointed, finely serrated edges; the indentations of the base glandular. Flowers such as the fish, but larger petals and white often laced with pink color (early spring). green fruit, oval, made of a stain moderately thick, firm, slightly succulent, below which is a woody core, furrowed, enclosing a soft almond, oval, tapering to the top with a sweet or bitter according to one of two varieties of the tree it came from, and that is the only part used medicinally. The only botanical distinction that can be made between these two varieties is that in the bitter variety the style is the same length as stamens, and petioles are stained with glandular points, while in the sweet variety style is much longer than the stamens, and the glands, instead of being on petioles, are the base of the teeth of the leaves.

Les amandes amères d'abricot bio, contiennent de la vitamine B-17 anti cancer, les amandes douces en sont dépourvus
The bitter almond apricot, contain vitamin B-17 anti cancer, sweet almonds are free

Bitter almonds are from the wild almond tree. Dried eaten raw, they have a very bitter taste, hence the name. Because they contain hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen cyanide is unlocked on the site where the cancer is, and this, with radical results, which become quite devastating to the cancer cells, since benzaldehyde unit unlocks at the same time. Cancer cells get a double blow, both cyanide and benzaldeyhde! Benzaldehyde is a deadly poison by itself, but when he teamed with cyanide, the result is a poison 100 times more deadly than when acting alone. Cancer cells are literally obliterated!
Besides, if eaten in quantity, they can be toxic (over 50 almonds per day). They are harmless and anti cancer at low doses (up to 10 kernels per day). This is why they are used in baking for their flavor so special.
The difference in taste between sweet & bitter almonds, is that in sweet it is less salt, and that salt is perfectly linked & retained by parties rowers, so he can not do that a very light feel on the tongue. Bitter instead contain more salt per acre, which is only half embarrassed by oily parts, excites a stronger & more discomfort.
This bitterness precisely indicates the presence of vitamin B17. Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 is not found in almond (Femenia et al., 1995).

The effects of B17 (still used today in Germany against cancer in hospitals) on cancer cells are proven is this not surprising that lobbyists peddle gossip for no one discovers the truth (they do everything to stifle this kind of information). by against the additive E536 salt that releases hydrogen cyanide him high temperature where it is approved despite the danger by health boards.

For dry almonds, buying organic fruits and whole is generally better, they suffer less from oxidation (which causes a softening of the flesh and rancidity of unsaturated fatty acids) and can be stored for several months. Almonds can also be consumed in capsule that protects it from oxidation, oxidation which also does not affect the level of vitamin B17.
Bitter almonds are a powerful natural anti cancer with vitamin B17 they contain, but also have very interesting nutritional properties.
It is rich in protein (about 20%, almost as much as the meat);
It is mineralizing, with significant levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc;
It is rich in vitamin E, highly antioxidant, and it is a source of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B9 (or folic acid);
It contains between 11 and 15% fiber, mostly insoluble, promoting good intestinal transit and giving a lasting feeling of satiety;
It contains fatty acids (in total 50% fat) excellent: 35% of mono-unsaturated fatty acids as oleic acid (such as olive oil), the protective properties for the system cardiovascular are no longer prove (reduced LDL cholesterol levels), and 11% of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, type linoleic acid (omega 6);
It also contains phytosterols, also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

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      Merci pour votre message, pour combattre un cancer naturellement, nous vous conseillons d’associer la feuille de graviola, la racine de pissenlit, les noyaux d’abricot amères, du desmodium pour prévenir la destruction du foie par la chimio (mais pas en sirop, il faut consommer le produit naturel, en poudre ou en gélules), de curcuma, de la capsaïcine et la poudre de baobab bio ou de la poudre de moringa pour le fer, la vitalité et le système immunitaire.
      Tous ces produits sont compatibles avec une chimio.
      Pour la guérison complète il faut du temps, la maladie a mit du temps à s’installer, il faut du temps pour qu’elle parte.
      En générale un cure doit durer 3 mois, vous pouvez par la suite faire une pause thérapeutique d’une semaine et reprendre.
      Mais cela dépend de votre état général.
      Nous vous conseillons de respecter les dosages indiqués sur les sachets (dose minimum pour la prévention, dose maximum conseillée pour la guérison).
      Avec les produits naturels c’est la régularité qui importe et moins la quantité.
      Tous les produits du laboratoire Biologiquement sont compatibles et complémentaires, ils ont aussi été sélectionnés car ils n’ont pas d’interaction et travaillent en synergie avec des traitements chimiques.
      Ces produits naturels s’attaquent aussi aux cellules tumorales résistantes à la radiothérapie ou à la chimiothérapie, et protègent de toutes rechutes futur.
      Dans le même temps il faut arrêter tout ce qui donne le cancer, le sucre (tout ce qui est sucré à part le miel bio et les fruits), la viande, qui est chargée en hormones, produits chimiques ingéré par l’animal, antibiotiques… et les produits laitiers, qui sont des matières grasses, qui concentrent encore plus tous ces agents cancérigènes.
      Mangez un maximum de fruits et légumes crus.
      Il faut aussi vous forcer à faire des exercices tous les jours.
      Bien à vous
      L’équipe du laboratoire Biologiquement

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