Aloe Vera Capsules


Aloe vera plant hard capsules 245 mg
- Has very effective antioxidants
- Effectively protects radiation (Association Ginkgo Biloba)
- Support for skin cancer prevention (the Japanese have used it after the nuclear bomb)
- Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
- Anti-inflammatory General (Turmeric and ginger Association)
- Stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the body, fights fatigue (Ginseng and Maca Association)
- Reduces the risk of infections
- antiseptic and antifungal, fights fungus
- Detoxification of the body (Lapacho Association)
- Improved oxygenation of the cells (Goji Association)
- Promotes healthy cell renewal, noncancerous (Graviola association leaves)
- Support for prevention of bowel and colon cancer (Curcuma association and baobab powder)
- Protects against autoimmune diseases (wolfberries and Acai association)
- Improves blood circulation
- Fighting diabetes and cholesterol (internal)
- Fight effectively genital herpes (Association berry cranberries)
- anestésique effect, reduces pain (especially intestinal pain)
- Help fight against transit and constipation
Biologically the gel is extracted from the fresh pulp of Aloe Vera leaves grown in organic farming. The leaves are hand picked and shelled it possible to preserve the richness of natural components of the pulp.
Composition: 100% pure aloe vera gel
Origin: Mexico
Directions: Take up to 6 capsules a day with a large glass of water during meals.

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