Organic Red Ginseng Capsules


12,30 - 33,20

red ginseng root powder bio (Panax ginseng), contains minimum 15% of ginsenoside, bag 60 vegetable capsules of 300mg
• Natural Aphrodisiac
• Powerful anti-fatigue
• Help for stress and convalescence
• Feelings of energy and vitality
• Physical well-being and mental health
• Good Cardiovascular Health
• For a healthy respiratory system
Ginseng bio relief from fatigue, stress and convalescence.
Organic Ginseng helps maintain optimal strength, energy and feelings of vitality, physical and mental wellbeing.

Use : Take 2 to 5 capsules per day with a glass of water 20 minutes before eating.

Presentations : Bag 60 vegetable capsules, the possibility of controlling by 3 sachets cheaply.

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