Goji Plant

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Goji Plant Pot Lycium Barbarum

The Lycium Barbarum, Goji or to put it more simply, is a perennial. Rather, it is a shrub with deciduous foliage, endemic to the Himalayas, which grows abundantly in the valleys of Ningxia. Native to the Himalayan regions, this plant has small purple flowers.

Goji plant produces an ideal red berry for additional consumption to food. Furthermore, Goji is grown both potted in soil; so it is very easy to grow either on a balcony or in a garden

Starting next spring, you can have a first small flowers blooming purple and white; and from the summer to the first gel.

Goji plants to biologically give those famous red berries in the first year - Goji berries - the nutritional value and recognized with multiple effects (therapeutic) benefits. Fruit and Goji foot of leaves can be dried for preservation.

Goji that is marketed is the result of more than two years old shrubs. These Goji plants are suitable for the production of organic fruits because of their resistance against pests and diseases.
These feet Goji more than two years (minimum 20 cm) produce Goji berries much larger than the feet of Goji that have a year.

- Very few winter watering (obsolete plant).
- Summer Goji plant loves water.
- Cold resistance: -20 ° C.
- Recommended Exposure: Full sun.
- Adult height: 1.5 m to 4 m.

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