mulberries bio


14,40 - 29,80

Sachet de mûres blanches séchées biologique aussi appelées mulberries bio, en sachet de 400g
• Soigne le diabète & l’œdème
• Riche en fibres, facilite le transit intestinale
• Riche en antioxydants pour la santé cardiovasculaire & renforce l’immunité
• Rich in flavonoids, protects against bacterial infection and cancer
• Ralentit la pousse des cheveux blancs
• Riche en fer pour maintenir la capacité physique et intellectuelle
• Purifier le sang & détox
• Stimulant des fonctions sexuels
• Aliment brûle-graisse
Since ancient times, the white mulberry tree was grown in China to the Middle East for its leaves, which exclusively served food for silkworms. Sun dried, mulberries are tender and have a sweet taste reminiscent of dried figs.
A true source of energy, they are traditionally used to fight against fatigue due to its high content of calcium, vitamin B, C, protein as well as iron. Rich in dietary fiber, they facilitate and help the functioning of the intestinal transit. They have antioxidant properties reducing aging of cells, and contain flavonoids that can protect against diabetes, bacterial infections and cancer.
Mulberries are operated in compliance with the standards of organic certification by Ecocert AB.

Mulberries, or mulberries, are "superfruits" that come from white mulberry, Morus alba its Latin name. The fruit of this tree, mulberry, is naturally sweet, even dried.
For over 5,000 years, the Morus alba is grown in China. It is now common in Japan and northern India.

Consumption of mulberries is very popular in Asia and the Middle East. This popularity is not only due to its taste but also its particular texture.
But it is traditionally recommended for these nutritional qualities.

use: They are consumed at will, alone or in combination with other dried fruits.
It is also possible to incorporate them in preparations such as granola or snack as is.
Ultimately, simply rely on his own!

Nutritional value : 30g (% of RDI): 18% protein, 7% carbohydrates, 12% fibers, 7% calcium, 20% iron, sodium 1%, vitamin C 135%.

Presentation : 400g resealable bag