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Capsules Organic Green Slimming Coffee


6,40 - 17,30

coffee beans powder green organic Arabica unroasted, bag 60 vegetable capsules of 300mg
• Fights excess weight
• Supports cardiovascular health
• Burns fat and boosts metabolism
• Absorbs glucose in the gut
• Balance blood sugar levels
• Maintain a healthy blood pressure
calorie burner based dry extract of green coffee bean. Promotes weight loss, and helps reduce abdominal volume.
The capsules are extracted from green coffee beans of the Arabica variety (Coffea arabica L.). It is not roasted because roasting is cooking that reduces by more than half the chlorogenic acid concentration. By cons, these seeds were decaffeinated to ensure low caffeine content (less than 0,20mg per capsule).

Use : Take 2 to 4 capsules per day with a large glass of water before a meal.

Presentations : Bag 60 vegetable capsules, the possibility of controlling by 3 sachets cheaply.

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