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Powder organic Moringa leaves


Leaf powder biological Moringa, Moringa oleifera organic 100g sachet
• Increases energy
• Regulates stress and insomnia
• Comble carences en vitamines et minéraux
• Favorise la digestion & le transit
• Strengthens the immune system
• Helps to fight against aging
• Régule glycémie & abaisse le cholestérol
• Riche en antioxydants, anti âges
• Élimination des toxines du foie
• For thyroid problem
Moringa is a plant with dietary benefits, agronomic and medicinal. This plant resource is used to treat diabetes, hypertension, skin infections, stomach ulcers, gastric pain, scabies, fungal infections which are diseases caused by parasitic fungi.
Moringa powder consumption reconstruction assistance, strengthening of fragile bones, and fight anemia and malnutrition, cure blood loss, dysentery, skin infections and colic. It has become a good laxative and a good purgative.
Possessing diuretic properties, it increases the urinary secretion. Moringa is a nutrient reservoir. It contains vitamin A, which acts as a shield against the eye and cardiovascular diseases, vitamin C fighting a multitude of diseases such as colds and flu, potassium, important for the functioning of the brain and nerves, calcium, the nutrient used to build bones and teeth strong and prevents against osteoporosis, and proteins that keep all the cells of our body.
Use : Sprinkle moringa powder on your dishes or drinks, never boil.
Directions: Consume 1-3 tablespoons per day, it solve all your problems of stress and insomnia and correct your diet if it is a bit messy or deficient in vitamins or minerals.
Its taste is pleasant it will not change the flavor of your dishes. Without articial aroma or preservatives.
Weight: 100 g powder of 100% bio Moringa
Origin: Peru
products: Maca root powder, soursop graviola leaf, ginkgo biloba
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