Maca Root Capsules


6,50 - 15,60

Powder maca Peru, bag 60 vegetable capsules of 350mg
• Promotes libido and sexual health, natural aphrodisiac
• Improves stamina
• Promotes mental clarity and concentration
• Revitalize the brain cells by promoting intellectual awakening
• Reduces stress and fatigue accumulated
• Promotes menstrual and menopausal health
• Combat acidity and indigestion
• Help with weight loss

This plant consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids and also fibers. The root of the plant Maca bio contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E, P, and also trace elements: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium and iron.

This dietary supplement made from Maca is to help your body strengthen its immune defenses, its resistance to stress and sexual performance.

The Maca, also sometimes called "Peruvian ginseng", is a tuber, a food plant that has many nutritional benefits in addition to treatment.

Usage tips : Take 2 to 6 capsules per day, to be swallowed with a glass of water, or to open in a yogurt, 20 minutes before meals, empty stomach.

It is also complementary to the baobab and the goji berry.

Ingredients: 100% powder roots of Maca AB Ecocert (Lepidium peruvianum) sachte 60 vegetable capsules.

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