Whole leaf Graviola Soursop


Whole leaf dried graviola corossol Annona muricata (crushed)

The custard apple, the tree that produces the Graviola or Soursop comes from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The custard apple has in its leaves potent biologically active substances such as acetogenins.
Laboratory research has shown that the leaf of this tree is miraculous for health.
The leaves are harvested from wild trees in the middle of the Amazon forest, far from any human pollution.
The leaves are dried in the shade because the sun UVs destroy fragile plant constituents. Already the old writings of the 1800s tell us that direct exposure destroys medicinal properties, colors, for example. Above that are the colors? Pigments antioxidants therapeutic action.
Before starting the drying step, the procedure is a hulling: removing foreign plant parts, weed ... Spread your fresh leaves of Graviola Soursop on a table and remove any plant not unlike the desired medicinal plant.
• The leaves were crushed, because if they did not clean the pan, or the teapot for preparation. This process has been applied at the request of several customers. The term "whole leaf" is made to differentiate the leaf powder that we sell too.
So you also find on our store powder leaf or fruit Graviola, for easier use of the product, the therapeutic effect is the same as whole leaves.

Composition 100% leaves Graviola Soursop
Conditioning : 100g Bag
Use : Minimum Set 2 tablespoons of custard apple leaves in a pot of boiling water (1L), cook for 20 minutes in water to a boil, filter and consume 3-5 cups per day.
The active agents may also be absorbed by the skin, for it, boil the leaves of soursop in water, infuse, infusion and mix with the bath water.
The graviola is very complementary to the annual Artemisia annua Artemisia.
Origin Peru Amazon

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