Capsaicin capsules


100% pure capsaicin powder extract of peppers bio vegetable capsule dosed at 375mg, bag 60 vegetable capsules (does not sting the mouth)
- Anti-cancer
- Against Baldness
- Pain killer
- Against Arthritis
- Anti-inflammatory
- Facilitate digestion
- Weight loss, appetite suppressant
- Anti-oxidant action
- Anti diabetes, cholesterol
- Strengthens immunity
- Detoxify the body, helps eliminate waste
- Protects the stomach peptic ulcers
Capsaicin is one of a family of molecules called vanilloid. These molecules cause the death of cancer cells. They do this by sticking literally to mitochondrial proteins, organelles essential to cell, causing the death of them. But the most remarkable is that vanilloid kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells surrounding the tumor.
Bio capsaicin is a potential alternative to treat the pain of osteoarthritis when acetaminophen does not provide relief, when a person does not tolerates drugs administered orally or when it does not want to take it such drugs.
It has been shown in humans that the bio capsaicin pepper can increase satiety (appetite suppressant) and decrease food intake. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these short-term effects of the capsaicin can be a plus for people who want to lose weight.
Usage: Take 2 to 6 capsules a day with a glass of water during the meal.
Composition: the capsules contain 100% capsaicin
Origin: France

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