Capsules Baobab fruit organic Baomix


4,90 - 13,40

baobab fruit pulp powder bio Baomix adansonia digitata, also called bio monkey bread, bag of 60 vegetarian capsules of 300mg
• Increases energy & alertness
• normalizes blood pressure
• Mood Balance & reduces stress
• Boosts immunity & health of skin and hair
• Natural Aphrodisiac
• Natural Pain
• Rich in calcium
• Restoration of the intestinal flora (ideal after a chemical treatment)
• If sensitivity, wear or joint stiffness
• Strengthens the immune system to fight like illness or advanced age
Baomix pulp of organic baobab fruit is a superfruit. It is native to Africa, where he is known as "the tree of life" and cherished by people across the continent. The pulp of its fruit naturally revitalizing.
- For its richness in vitamin C, Baobab fruit pulp gives you energy and vitality and concentration, clarity and alertness.
- For its high potassium concentration, it keeps your nervous system healthy, especially if you drink coffee, soda, alcohol, and if your diet is too high in sodium.
- Baobab fruit pulp contains high levels of prebiotic which alone improve the growth and colonization of probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
- Furthermore it strengthens our immune system by its high density in vitamin C and copper.
- Your muscle strength will be increased thanks to its high potassium levels.
- Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant its concentration in the fruit pulp of the Baobab, protects your healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.
- Thanks to its beneficial effects on the digestive system, Baobab pulp of the fruit enhances the absorption of iron with the help of vitamin C.

Some tips for use : 2 to 6 capsules per day for vitality, 20 minutes before meals with a glass of water, empty stomach (as all fruit).

The pulp of baobab fruit is a complementary product to the Goji Berry.

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