Capsules annual wormwood Artemisia annua


Artemisia annua (Annual Mugwort) 100% natural vegetable capsules of 275mg
• Fight against cancer cells with artemisinin
• Relieves digestive disorders: colic, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence.
• Stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, promoting appetite.
• Powerful worming: eliminates intestinal worms.
• Combating and preventing malaria
• Acts against Lyme disease
• If an uncomfortable menstrual cycle
Artemisinin is reacted with iron in the body, and forms a free radical that attacks the cancer cells.
Cancer cells with high replication rate, contain a higher concentration of iron, and are therefore subject to a higher cytotoxic attack. This explains the toxicity of this molecule for cancer cells.
Artemisinin has been used for centuries to kill parasites, particularly worms and flukes. These parasites, which are present in all of us, create a burden for the body, weaken the energy resources and create by-products that must be excreted.
Artemisinin is a more effective pro-oxidant when taken with iron, because cancer cells are hungry for iron and it is in the presence of large amount of iron in a cell that artemisinin will trigger the death of this one. We advise you to take along with wormwood, capsules or powder moringa leaf to complement the iron treatment.

The artemisia annua is very complementary to graviola Corrosol, the bitter almond apricot, dandelion root, and lapacho against cancer. These products are compatible and can be consumed at one time.
The fruit powder organic baobab Baomix is ​​an excellent natural source of iron for ease action of artemisinin.

Presentation : Bag 60 vegetable capsules (dosed at 275mg) from Artemisia annua, 100% of the plant, aerial part (stems, leaves, French culture without pesticides)
Usage tips : take 2-6 capsules per day in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water.