Capsules annual wormwood Artemisia annua


Artemisia annua (Annual Mugwort) 100% natural vegetable capsules

Wormwood is a plant tonic, stimulant, antispasmodic, emmenagogue. For the latter purpose it is best known, it facilitates the onset of menstruation and relieves pain.
L’artemisinine est un pro-oxydant plus efficace si prit avec du fer, nous vous conseillons de prendre en même temps que l’armoise, des gélules ou de la poudre de feuilles de moringa pour complémenter le traitement en fer.
The artemisia annua is very complementary to graviola Corrosol, the bitter almond apricot, dandelion root, and lapacho.
The fruit powder organic baobab Baomix is ​​also an excellent natural source of iron for ease action of artemisinin and strengthen the immune system.

Composition : 100% for Annual Mugwort
Conditioning : Bag of 60 vegetarian capsules of 275mg
Use : Take 4-6 capsules daily with meals. Keep out of reach of children.
Origin : Europe

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