Seeds of Artemisia annua Annual mugwort


Bag of seeds of Artemisia annua Annual mugwort for seedlings

The wormwood is used by Chinese herbalists for thousands of years in the treatment of many diseases, such as dermatitis or even against malaria since antiquity. Indeed, the plant contains artemisinin (qinghaosu (青蒿素)), a sesquiterpene lactone that has proved effective in curative and preventive, against severe forms of malaria and cancer.
This annual large has medicinal powers. It also contains absinthine, one of the ingredients of absinthe, the drink that intoxicated the old artists ... In the garden, this decorative plant is perfectly suited to form hedges and annual production of green foliage to flesh clusters (from September) - height: up to 2 m - 200 s.

Sowing & Culture

Sow from late winter to early summer outdoors, or propagate the seeds in a greenhouse or a layer-planting. Qing Hao is an annual plant unpretentious. Like a lot of sun. A slightly dry places favor the formation of aromas and active ingredients in the plant.

Green color
Height 150-200cm
Habitat: Soil-drained, sandy
Type: Annual
Exposure: Sun
Application: flowerbeds
Usage: Foliage aromatic, herbal
Watering: casual

Presentation : Bag of 1000 seeds

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