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BITTER ALMOND APRICOT that selectively destroy cancer cells


In the 1940s, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Sr. and his son Dr. ET Krebs, Jr. issued a document entitled "The Unit Thesis or trophoblast Cancer" in the Medical Record, New York. In the years that followed, the father and son team did research on co-enzymes and the possibility that cancer could result from deficiencies, particularly vitamin.
In the early 1950s, they learned that the kingdom of Hunza in the Himalayan mountains north of Pakistan, it was said that people lived "without cancer." Dr. Krebs knew they ate large amounts of organic apricots, but they did not believe that the fruit contained substances that can fight against cancer ... until they discovered that Hunzakuts also ate almonds nuclei organic apricots; their peculiarity: we know that these almonds are rich in NITRILOSIDES. In addition, the
also found in almonds (almond), peach seeds, apple seeds (pectin), millet, bean sprouts, buckwheat, and also in other fruits and nuts, but in less quantity.
NOTE: Only organic apricot bitter almond growers are effective (wild apricot).
The Dr. Krebs then defined the active ingredient nitrolosides was precisely in some glycosides they managed to extract. Finally, they made a patent application for the metabolite production process formed by these glycosides, they called the name of amygdalin or nitrilosid (also known as laetrile, concentrated release oral or injectable product), for a clinical use.
It was later cataloged Laetrile Vitamin B17.

bitter almonds apricot rich in vitamin B17


It turned out that Hunzakuts consume between 100 to 200 times more than the average American B17, mainly because they consume organic apricot kernel of almonds, and also a lot of millet. Interestingly, there, the wealth of a man is measured by the number of apricot held. The most coveted food is the seed contained in the apricot kernels, one of the most important sources of B17 on Earth. One of the first medical teams to study the Hunza, was led by the British surgeon world-renowned Dr. Robert McCarrison. Writing in the journal JAMA, January 7, 1922, he stated: "The Hunza have no known impact to cancer. They enjoy plenty of organic apricot harvest. They dry them under the sun, and largely use in their diet. "
It seems so simple! The truth of the matter is that the industry Cancer suppressed this information and even ordered that it be illegal to sell vitamin B17. The Medical Mafia mounted with great success, frightening campaigns based on the fact that vitamin B17 contains quantities of 'deadly' cyanide, while IS WRONG!
Here's why: Vitamin B17 each molecule contains hydrogen cyanide unit, a unit of benzaldehyde and two glucose units that are locked together and form a synergy harmless, as often happens in natural products.
For the hydrogen cyanide becomes dangerous, you have to unlock the B17 molecule; or this can be done by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase, which is present everywhere in the human body in trace amounts, but against that is found in high levels in cancer cells. VERY INTERESTING ! The result is even more devastating to the cancer cells that benzaldehyde units are unlocked at the same time; gold benzaldehyde, which is already a deadly poison by itself, when it is
team with cyanide, is 100 times more deadly. Cancer cells literally disintegrated!

Symptoms of poisoning appear to hydrogen cyanide from 400 mg amygaline per kg of body weight, which in an adult weighing 70 kg is about 50 apricot kernels ingested in a short time. If, against their consumption over several hours, NOTHING is feared because the body gradually eliminates hydrogen cyanide.


Note that in healthy tissue, another enzyme, the rhodanese, present in much larger quantities than the unlocking enzyme, beta-glucosidase, has the ability to degrade completely both cyanide and benzaldehyde in thiocyanate (a harmless substance) and salicylate (which is a pain of the family of aspirin). Interestingly, the malignant cancer cells do not contain rhodanese, leaving them completely to thank you both deadly poisons. This whole process is known as the
selective toxicity, since only the cancer cells are specifically targeted and destroyed.
Hundreds of clinical studies conducted by many competent physicians around the world, including those led by Dr. Ernesto Contreras at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, give us confidence, the fact that treatment with B17 therapy is safe for normal cells (which is far from the case of chemotherapy). Ca is very bad news for the industry of Cancer. The organic apricot seeds are within the reach of any purse, next to the exorbitant prices of drug cocktails
aggressive chemotherapy.


In the 90s, an American Jason Vale ended up with a terminal cancer. He was considered unrecoverable by doctors. Through personal research, he learned that people who had had cancer had been cured with vitamin B17 apple seeds (pectin) and of organic almond apricot kernels. Without delay he began to consume as part of their daily diet and soon felt better.
In a short time, Jason cancer completely disappeared.
When the extraordinary story of Jason was broadcast on national television, it caused to a great audience that the same was broadcast again the following week. The enthusiasm of the spectators was so great that Jason found himself inundated with phone calls from people residing in the country. Over the following years, Jason has helped thousands of people to successfully treat their cancer by consuming of organic almond apricot kernels.
Then Jason suffered a punch operation, determined by the FDA: he was sentenced on 18 June 2004 to 63 months in prison and three years of supervised release, for an Eastern District of New York Court . His crime? The sale of apricot kernels bio on his website, and tell people the TRUTH about their healing properties. We do not play with the Mafia drug !!! After serving nearly four years in prison, Jason was released from house arrest in early 2008.

EXTRACT OF TESTIMONY (translated) addressed to Jason

September 2014, Jason Browning had a cystic glioma. He was always there after chemo and radiation. Jason began to take the apricot kernels; the tumor has shrunk and finally disappeared. In addition, he was able to stop her medication against high blood pressure. (to find the full story.)
April 28, 2014. Jeffery Moore was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago called me to tell me that his PSA was increased from 12 to 8; but especially his nose cancer that was diagnosed last year with a biopsy, appeared resolved last biopsy. He eats organic apricot seeds, and takes wheat grass - he also removed completely sugar.
13 April 2014. The Labrador bitch Diane Duhaime was diagnosed with the breast cancer last year at the age of 10 years and operated. Diane immediately gave him 6 seeds apricot morning and evening. Now, a year later, the bitch is fine, and - important sign - his hair is more beautiful than ever ...

There are quantities of other testimonials on the site of Jason View Jason's website: (This is in English with automatic translation option)


Already careful that you do not sell almonds that are not bitter. But even when they are bitter, it is not necessarily won. I have seen closely with results not to be zero were nevertheless somewhat disappointing overall compared with other anticancer medicines in my toolbox in "CANCER heal off protocols". I considered also to remove them from my work when I met a bio diffuser health products said to have great results on cancers with
its bio bitter apricot kernels - But the important point is that its almonds solely from Uzbekistan - Hand picking a single strain in an unspoilt area of ​​pollution. Me So here yet reconciled this remedy which had not properly fulfilled its promises with the new order number at end of article.
In addition, some sites offer bitter almonds; I do not feel well this version because I fear an accelerated oxidation may alter the effectiveness of the product. It is easy to spray yourself with a small blinder almonds or electric coffee grinder.


The European meeting about almond sale of bio bitter apricot Europes lobbyist under the pressure of the cancer industry ultimately run by claiming that even an almond apricot per day (!!!) can be risky for human consumption. In the final, the Commission has left to each state of the EU assessing choose to prohibit the sale or not.

scientific dispute

Symptoms of poisoning appear to hydrogen cyanide from 400 mg amygaline per kg of body weight, which in an adult weighing 70 kg is about 50 apricot kernels organic ingested in a short time. If, against their consumption over several hours, nothing to fear because the body gradually eliminates hydrogen cyanide.
On the practical level, first you wonder why the big Hunza apricots consumers with their organic almonds did not have cancer and lived 120 years.

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