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- The Biologiquement 's Goji berries are from the last harvest, 100% natural, without pesticides, non-irradiated and certified "GreenFood" Organic Asia Farming.
- Buy also at the best price your Goji Berries Organic Ecocert AB

Goji Berry Plants Lycium Barbarum

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Tea leaf buds Goji 3,52 oz

Tea leaf buds Goji 3,52 oz

SPECIAL PRICE: 8.60 € au lieu de 9.80 €
Considered a great tea, tea buds Goji is recommended for health and healthy living, since it is delightful when you drink it quickly while providing a source of freshness and benefits on the body and mind, without let bitterness. The buds of the tea Goji, full of nutritious vitamins, unfurl in your cup of hot water, ready to taste if desired. One to two cups of tea buds Goji a day will keep you in excellent health as the wealth of this tea is the secret contained in the bud all the nutrients the Goji berry.

Composition of a bud tea Goji:

- In the plant kingdom's richest levels of nutrients such as protein, calcium and essential amino acid
- Rich in polysaccharides
- Unsaturated fatty acids
- Rich in flavonoids, catechins (EGCG), polyphenols
- Vitamins E, C, B1, B2 and trace elements
- Without caffeine!

Directions: Bring your water to a boil and pour into a hot cup your loose tea in the morning, noon and night. A small range is available to taste buds of the tea are delicious.
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Steviaë Stevia Extract, Tablets, natural sweetener 300-Count Packages

Steviaë Stevia Extract, Tablets, natural sweetener 300-Count Packages

3.20 € au lieu de 4.80 €
Stevia is a natural sweetener that, in it's extract form, is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar! These little tablets are ideal as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Does not raise blood sugar levels, so is ideal for diabetics & low carbers. 300 tabs.
Suggested Dosage : Use 1 or 2 tablets according to taste. Easily dissolved in hot or cold liquid. Drink 6 to 8 cups of water (fluid) daily.
Each tablet contains Stevia rebaudiana extract equivalent to 360mg dry leaf & 0.06g Maltodextrin. Contains NO sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, soya, milk derivatives, synthetic binders, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours and colours.
Brand : Steviaë
Free of: sugar, gluten, erythritol (sugar alcohol, usually derived from GMO corn), corn syrup, aspartame, saccharin,artificial fillers, yeast, wheat, lactose,animal products
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New packaging for the goji:

Baies de goji sachet longue conservation, fruit bio
For better preservation (and the same price as paper bags), you can receive your product packaged in foil pouch heat-sealed airtight. Option valid only from 1.5kg Himalayan Goji

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