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3.53 oz Baomix organic baobab fruit pulp powder

7.40 €
au lieu de 10.20 €
3.53 oz Baomix organic baobab fruit pulp powder
BAOMIX, the Baobab power, organic fruit Baobab pulp

The natural antioxidant properties of organic BAOMIX play an essential role in combating free radicals, the proliferation of which contributes to the premature aging of cells. These antioxidants are integral to various metabolic processes, such as collagen production, the synthesis of hormones (steroids), and the production of connective tissue and neurotransmitters.
Ascorbic acid, also found in organic BAOMIX, improves the body’s ability to assimilate and distribute calcium and iron.
BAOMIX is especially recommended for anyone who desires to rebuild or maintain his or her good health: seniors, children going through growth spurts, students, and athletes. BAOMIX is a dietary supplement, and should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
100% organic and gluten free, organic BAOMIX is made by separating the naturally dried skin from the interior pulp of the fruit.

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Whole leaves of Graviola Corrossol

Whole leaves of Graviola Corrossol

The Graviola Corrossol in its leaves has powerful natural anti-cancer active ingredients. Its properties contained in soursop or graviola possible to destroy cancer cells on 12 types of cancers such as liver cancer, prostate, lung, breast, ovary, intestine ... Contrary to chemotherapy, its action attacks only cancer cells and not healthy cells. Conversely, it is protecting and promoting the growth of healthy cells.
Using whole leaves of Graviola Soursop:
Take a few leaves of soursop (minimum 2 per cup) boil for 10 minutes, filter water and consume 3-5 cups per day.
The active agents can be absorbed by the skin, for it, boil dried soursop leaves in water, infuse, infusion and mix with the bath water.

There is also the Graviola leaf powder on the shop, for easy use of the product.

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3 box

3 box "Baomix pulp" Organic Baobab pulp Tablets

9.90 € au lieu de 13.66 €
3 boxes of 120 tablets each Baobab pulp to suck or swallow with a glass of water.
4 - 8 tablets per day for vitality.

Baobab fruit is a powerful new superfood. It originates in Africa, where it's known as the “Tree of Life” and cherished by people across the continent. Its naturally occurring fruit powder has invigorating qualities. With 98% fruit pulp Baomix is ​​the original taste, sweet and sour of baobab organic fruit pulp and biological, fairetrade sources.


With its high content in vitamin C Baobab pulp revitalise and invigorate your body.
So Baobab pulp gives you more concentration, clarity and alertness .
To maintain healthy nervous system, take every day Baobab pulp for its high rate in potassium, which is essential if you drink coffee, soda or alcohol and eat foods too rich in sodium.
Baobab pulp contains important levels of prebiotic who enhance the growth and the colonization of probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
Due to high copper and vitamin C, Baobab pulp supports your immune system.
Regain muscular strength with the high potassium content in Baobab pulp.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, the high concentration of it in Baobab pulp protect your healthy cells from free radical damage.
With its beneficial effects at the level of digestive system, Baobab pulp optimise iron uptake in your body with the support of vitamine C.
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Baies de goji sachet longue conservation, fruit bio
For better preservation (and the same price as paper bags), you can receive your product packaged in foil pouch heat-sealed airtight. Option valid only from 1.5kg Himalayan Goji

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