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- The AGOJI's Goji berries are from the last harvest, 100% natural, without pesticides, non-irradiated and certified "GreenFood" Organic Asia Farming.
- Buy also at the best price your Goji Berries Organic Ecocert AB

Organic Goji Berries Ecocert AB 17.65 oz

28.40 €
Organic Himalayan Goji Berries Ecocert AB 17.65 oz
The Organic Goji Berry is loaded with nutrients and powerful Antioxidants. The Organic Goji Berry contains 18 Amino Acids, (six times higher than bee pollen) more Beta Carotene than carrots, more Iron than spinach, 21 Trace Minerals, and 5 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges! The 13 % protein in the Goji Berry is higher than whole wheat, and displays an insulin-like action that is effective in fat decomposition. The Organic Goji Berry is loaded with many other vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E. Truly an incredible food and the best part is the Goji Berry tastes great! Sweet and delicious!
17.65 oz = 2 sealed bags

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Spirulina 180 Vegetable Capsules

Spirulina 180 Vegetable Capsules

Spirulina helps to improve the tone and vitality.
Spirulina helps in case of fatigue.
Spirulina is a blue micro-algae / green from Central America, Chad and India, dating from the origin of life on earth, more than 3 billion years, reflecting its extreme resistance .
Some ancient civilizations like the Aztecs or the Mayans incorporated it in their food intake, including the nutritional composition. It is also considered traditional food by the people Kanembous Chad.
Spirulina is grown mostly in California, Hawaii, India, China, France and Africa, and is experiencing strong growth today.
Spirulina comes from organic farming, and it is environmentally friendly and eco-certified.
Recommendations for use: 4 capsules per day before
meals on an empty stomach.
ngrédient: Seaweed 250 mg / capsule
Daily serving: 1,000 mg

Visit the blog of Spirulina: Spiruline bio

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Himalayan dried goji berries Greenfood 52.90 oz

Himalayan dried goji berries Greenfood 52.90 oz

36.95 € au lieu de 38.90 €
The superfood snack that packs a punch! Goji Berries are packed full of vitamins, polysaccharides, proteins, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids.Until recently little has been known in the western world about Goji berries and the many health benefits that this little red miracle fruit has to offer. Linwoods has carefully selected Goji berries sourced from the Ningxia province situated in North-West China otherwise known as China's Herbal Medicine Valley.Ningxia region offers the ideal growing conditions for Goji berries as the Huang He (Yellow) river, which originates in the Himalayan Mountains, flows through this province and over the centuries has created mineral rich, super fertile silt-water flood plains found nowhere else on earth. With its unusual alkaline soil and extreme temperature range, Ningxia provides the perfect growing conditions which ensure Goji berries are packed full of vitamins, polysaccharides, proteins, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids.Contains:Beta-Sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent. Beta-Sitosterol also helps lowers cholesterol and has been used to treat sexual impotence and helps reduce prostate enlargement.Cyperone, a sesquiterpene that benefits the heart and blood pressure, alleviates menstrual discomfort.
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Goji berries from the last harvest 2012

New packaging for Goji:

Baies de goji sachet longue conservation, fruit bio
For better preservation (and the same price as paper bags), you can receive your product packaged in foil pouch heat-sealed airtight. Option valid only from 1.5kg Himalayan Goji

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it is possible to receive your order AGOJI products worldwide by FEDEX services. FEDEX the first international express carrier, guarantying you next day delivery shipping for all orders in most of countries, at interesting rates.

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