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- The AGOJI's Goji berries are from the last harvest, 100% natural, without pesticides, non-irradiated and certified "GreenFood" Organic Asia Farming.
- Buy also at the best price your Goji Berries Organic Ecocert AB

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Fruit bio en ligne Baobab Goji antioxydant

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Sap shower Oraganic Goji

Sap shower Oraganic Goji

Shower Gel Organic Goji

Ingredients: 31.36%
Natural ingredients: 99.44%

Foaming gel for the shower. Without alcohol.

Gentle cleansing base - Cinnamon Extract - Eau de Fleur
Organic Orange - Glycerine - Goji extract biological

200 ml
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Organic Himalayan Goji Berries Ecocert AB 8.81 oz

Organic Himalayan Goji Berries Ecocert AB 8.81 oz

11.90 € au lieu de 14.70 €
The Organic Goji Berry is loaded with nutrients and powerful Antioxidants. The Organic Goji Berry contains 18 Amino Acids, (six times higher than bee pollen) more Beta Carotene than carrots, more Iron than spinach, 21 Trace Minerals, and 5 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges! The 13 % protein in the Goji Berry is higher than whole wheat, and displays an insulin-like action that is effective in fat decomposition. The Organic Goji Berry is loaded with many other vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E. Truly an incredible food and the best part is the Goji Berry tastes great! Sweet and delicious!
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Goji berries from the last harvest 2012

New packaging for Goji:

Baies de goji sachet longue conservation, fruit bio
For better preservation (and the same price as paper bags), you can receive your product packaged in foil pouch heat-sealed airtight. Option valid only from 1.5kg Himalayan Goji

Fedex Express:
it is possible to receive your order AGOJI products worldwide by FEDEX services. FEDEX the first international express carrier, guarantying you next day delivery shipping for all orders in most of countries, at interesting rates.

Sponsorship AGOJI  :
Refer your friends to the shop AGOJI, and get 10% discount on your next command. Your "godson" will receive a welcome gift, a discount of 5% on its first command.

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Goji berries are from the last harvest, freshly sundried, you just leave the bag open so that it soften naturally. The texture of the berries actually depends on the ambient hygrometry, goji is very hydrophilic, when the weather is wet, they will soften quickly. You can soften it in tea or fruit juice, or simply leave the bag open.

The Goji berries of the AGOJI shop comes exclusively from Ningxia, where you find the best Goji in the world (Lycium barbarum), dried in the sun, can consume it nature or soften it in dishes or drinks. Our goji is not irradiated, it is 100% natural, so that our customers can be assured to daily eat berries perfectly healthy.

Baies de Goji Agoji Ningxia Himalaya

Goji AGOJI :

- AAA 180 – 220 baies/50g
- AA 250 – 280 baies/50g = AGOJI
- A 300 – 350 baies/50g
- B 400 – 450 baies/50g
- C > 450 baies/50

Ningxia Goji berries has been approved the best Goji berries in the world.
The goji distributed on AGOJI shop is packed in packets of 500g, which corresponds to a consumption of three weeks for one person.

One AGOJI Store, find the best quality of organic goji berries and Greenfood. Order securely goji berries the cheapest on the net. The best value on the net!

We select Goji Berries 100% natural high quality pesticide-free and non-irradiated with Greenfood certification (Bio Asia).
Our Goji Berries are produced in Ningxia region is the region of the world most suitable for cultivation due to its semi-desert climate and its alkaline soil.
Several recent studies have shown that Goji berries are grown in the region of NingXia in China who have the highest content of therapeutic properties.
Dried Goji Berries are the species Lycium barbarum is the only species that are the subject of numerous scientific studies that tend to prove its therapeutic efficacy.
It is in the pulp Goji whole and large found valuable polysaccharides

Beware of Goji berries sold at low prices because they are undergoing treatment said irradiating promoting conservation and are also grown with pesticides.
The Goji berries have the highest content of therapeutic properties are those that are 100% natural, whole and grown in the region of Ningxia.
Thus, it is advisable to focus on dried Goji berries (Lycium barbarum) unlike those mixed or tablets
It recognized as very effective SUPERFRUIT however, is not a panacea as some websites mention it.

Visionnez l'emission de 100% MAG sur M6 avec Yoann Lecouster, champion de France sponsorisé par Baomix la pulpe de fruit de Baobab Bio.

fruit et les feuilles du Baobab "the Baobab power", Organic (AB Ecocert) Baobab Fruit pulp

Pulpe de Baobab bio Baomix


Baobab fruit comes in an oblong shape about 10 cm diameter and 20 cm long. It contains a pulp coated seeds usually white but can be yellow or pink. Pleasantly tangy taste, she likes monkeys hence their name of "monkey bread". This puple is traditionally consumed for its nutritional and therapeutic African traditional medicine.

Eat 5 to 15 g, about 1 to 2 teaspoons per day, diluted in a glass of water, fruit juice, iced tea, milk or yogurt once or twice per day.

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